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The Gallery – At Peace


The Theme that Tara’s set us this week is “At Peace” – when I first read this I thought I would just trawl through my photos and some would leap out at me.  But they didn’t.  Peace is something I crave and then find incredibly difficult to deal with – maybe that’s why I found it hard.

This is the water feature outside some of the exhibition halls at the Frankfurt Messe.  The exhibition I was at a couple of weeks ago meant enduring a constant wall of noise for 4 days (I would say ‘sound’ but that gives the impression it may have been pleasant).  On the Friday morning I was off doing jobs and had to walk across the quadrangle between halls – the nocturnal musicians had yet to emerge blinking into the sunlight and there, all peaceful, basking in sunlight was the water feature – with me taking photos at one end and someone else at the other.  Amidst the cacophony of every musical instrument under the sun being tried (all together) this was a blissfully peaceful moment.

You didn’t think you’d get away without a zoo picture did you?

Here she is – completely oblivious to the huge number of people pointing cameras at her, with, I suspect, a full tummy, the sun warming her nose and her family around her.  At peace with the world.

Back in February I wrote this post when I had returned from a very, very sad funeral.  Before I left, my god-daughter, her brother and cousins let off balloons for grandma – their way of saying that they loved her very much and understanding that she was at peace in heaven.  This one’s for her.

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9 thoughts on “The Gallery – At Peace

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  2. aww that lion definitely looks at peace and contented!!

  3. I find I am most at peace in water. Thought the water feature photo is so lovely, so peaceful. x

  4. water restores the soul, doesn’t it?
    the balloons are a beautiful way to say goodbye

    • absolutely – it was just a snippet of peace amongst what can only be described as chaos. The balloons were lovely – and what the children wrote on the tags moved me to (even more) tears x

  5. Sometimes just looking at running water for a while is v peaceful.

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