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Blue Skies but darker thoughts


We have had the most glorious few days of blue skies, warm sun and spring blooms.

The magnolias are showing off their finest colours, there are buds and flowers at every turn, the ladybirds are out, the children are wearing their shorts and summer dresses to school.

I can see all of these things – I’m thrilled that the Cheetah Keeper tells me that the sky is beautiful in the evening.

I am deeply worried about the Cheetah Keeper’s sister and her progress at school following consultation evening yesterday.  Having your child described as ‘needy’. ‘struggling’ and ‘failing to make progress in her literacy’ is stomach churning to put it mildly.  It is incredibly difficult to assess each aspect without trying to apportion blame – the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, delayed speech, the fact her mother has been less than functional over the last 3 months.  I need to learn, very quickly, how we can support her at home – whilst continuing everything else we need to do – reading, homework, maths games, piano, physio, occupational therapy – oh, and life.

The Cheetah Keeper’s operation has been confirmed (all things being equal) for Monday afternoon.  The hand surgeon is planning to ultrasound scan my wrist and possibly put a guided steroid injection into it should it be deemed necessary.  If that doesn’t work that will more than likely mean more surgery for me.  That’ll be #17.  My wrist/hand is not in a good way – I’m nearly 37, it needs to last for an awful long time (I hope).  The surgery they did last February (so successful at the time) may well need repeating so I can continue to have feeling in my fingers – something that’s a bit of a luxury for me.  Back in 2 months for a plan.  It makes me feel a bit sick.

I’d quite like to be out in the sunshine with my camera snapping away in a metaphorical sticking my head in the sand.  Instead, it’s time for some serious thinking, researching, logistical planning and carrying on, before my family gets split by our health problems again.

Unfortunately something that happens too frequently in this household – as it does to many all over the country.  The skies may be blue but the sunglasses may hide the true look in the eyes of many.

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Author: Jenny

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12 thoughts on “Blue Skies but darker thoughts

  1. sending hugs, I really hope the blue skies stay for a long time for you

  2. Did the teachers have any thoughts about the reasoning behind CKS’s struggles? I can’t see that anything you’ve done or not done would have had such an influence. Got to be more to it. Have you asked her?

    • agree there’s more – she says it’s hard to concentrate with ‘noisy boys’ but she’s no better at home. Have asked them to provide some visual cues for her to see if that helps – time for some research – I’m wondering whether it’s something linked to her poor/late speech and inability to sound out… x

  3. Sorry to hear things are so hard for you at the moment. A child’s education is always a worry for a parent and I cant imagine how worried you must feel. Have the school been able to help guide you on what you can do to help her? Wishing you all luck in this difficult time. x

  4. It sounds like things are really tough at the moment. Big hugs.

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  6. Hi Jenny,

    I am in awe of your positive attitude to your, and your family’s, health problems. I was frequently frustrated by my mother’s negativity during her illness.

    I look forward to your updates, they remind me to always be humble; grateful and thankful for my health. It’s so easy to take it for granted.

    Your photographic story is a stark contrast – I appreciate the symbolism, and clever use of the light and dark messages in life.

    Lesley x.

  7. A beautiful post Jenny. It tears my heart that you have so much threatening to engulf you. I hope the school provides support in the form of advice, resources and understanding – I know you do all you can at home – you already easily put me to shame. After reading your exploits I always feel I should do more with my lot!
    The photos are gorgeous, and like Lesley said, provide a great contrast to the darkness your post deals with. Sunglasses hide a great deal.
    Take care xxx

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