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You’re Beautiful – Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds


I spent 4 days last week in Germany.  I left the Cheetah Keeper at home, ill.  I went away to work to earn money to support my family, because I am knowledgeable (allegedly) about what I do and because well, I needed to.  It was incredibly hard to muster up any enthusiasm knowing the children were at home and could do with a cuddle.

This series of posts is about finding the beautiful and positive in every day things around us.   OK, it was gloriously sunny (and I did manage to get outside for a lunch break on one day), I got 3 uninterrupted nights sleep and I enjoyed possibly the nicest dinner I’ve ever eaten.  The best thing – coming home.

I had a window seat and my camera.  It was the most gorgeous clear day and I could see the ground from take off to landing – winding rivers through Germany, the French coastline and London at her finest coming into Heathrow.  Blue skies and fluffy clouds

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So that’s my beautiful thing for the week – and I’ve learnt something trying to find out the names of the clouds (I hope I’ve got it right – you can find some info on the Met Office Website).  What’s yours?

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Author: Jenny

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9 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds

  1. Great shot

  2. So impressed with your beautiful clouds.

    Hope the trip was a success and that the Cheetah Keeper is well.

    Lesley x.

  3. Wow you take such beautiful photos! I love your slide shows!

  4. Great photos, best bit about flying is the view from the window. Many congrats on your BIB nomination too.

  5. Ooooh I LOVE flying! It makes my tummy go all whooshy 🙂

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