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The Gallery – Extreme Close Up


The theme this week on The Gallery is “Extreme Close Up” – I don’t think this post needs many words:

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

44 thoughts on “The Gallery – Extreme Close Up

  1. fabulous photos – flowers are perfect for close ups, are’t they? – and as for the ladubugs – how naughty!

  2. Wowsers!! What wonderful close ups! The ladybirds are my fav x

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  4. oh fab! I think I like the Ladybirds best!

  5. Heh hehe *giggles and lowers the tone* Bonking ladybirds!

  6. What a great collection! And the ladybird photo definitely rocks!

  7. Love the ladybirds snuggling, def my fave of the lot. Great photo!

  8. My close up is also a flower and ladybird & 1 mystery beast, great images

  9. love the ladybug one! *snicker*
    flowers are so perfect for macro shots. love the bumblebee one

  10. A fine collection of photos here, m’lady. *applauds*

  11. Those are a really nice set of pics. Are you sure the ladybugs weren’t just trying to make a taller looking ladybug?

  12. What amazing pictures. Lovely collection. The ladybird one is a very special capture. Well done x

  13. What gorgeous pictures! As for the ladybirds, I remember there being an almost identical picture to that on the back of our GCSE biology text books at school, and how it was a source of hysterical amusement for us as immature teenagers! x

  14. All gorgeous photos and so right…this subject didn’t need words x

  15. Wow, dirty little bugs. I saw two ducks at it yesterday. I honestly thought one of them had been caught by a fox, there were that many feathers flying! Animal kingdom, eh?

  16. Think my favourites are the catkin, bee and randy ladybirds 🙂

  17. A lovely collection of close ups! Randy little ladybugs!!

  18. You idea of photography heaven seems to correspond with the Ladybirds idea of heaven too 😉
    Gorgeous pics!

  19. Ladybird love eh? If ladybirds could use the internet and were looking for p0rn they would be all over your site like a red and black rash!
    Lovely photos by the way!

  20. A beautiful collection of close ups, all so in focus.

  21. wow what stunning photos close up photos are just amazing!

  22. There’s something pretty special about close ups – and yours are all gorgeous!

  23. Love the ladybirds! I wouldn’t be able to get hold of my camera fast enough before they finished/flew away!

  24. I’m so slow getting back this week! Gorgeous close ups, love the ladybird love one. Now I wish I’d showcased more of mine 😉

  25. What a fantastic selection! Your are very talented. I think the magnolia stamen is my favourite.

    • ooh – a change to the form so far – I think it may be my favourite too – it’s been really lovely watching the tree come to life over the last few weeks – hopefully the predicted cold snap won’t wreck it completely!

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