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Californian Sealions

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We spent 7 hours at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo yesterday.  The Cheetah Keeper, his sister and I.  Well, and about a zillion other people enjoying the sunshine but the good thing about Whipsnade is that it absorbs people and you don’t feel squashed.  I went a bit camera crazy so I think a series of picture posts is in order.  Starting with the Californian Sealions, Dominic, Salt (Dominic’s mum) and his harem of girlfriends – Bailey, Lara and Kyra.  They’re practicing hard for their ‘proper’ demonstrations that start on Saturday and so we got to watch them training…

So Embarrassing



Surfing out the pool

Training over, time for a game - you looking at me???

The Cheetah Keeper’s sister wants to be a sealion trainer when she grows up – she’s made herself another name badge and it’s tough to part her from her whistle….

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