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You’re Beautiful – Slugs and Snails


We got out the car on Saturday afternoon to find what looked like a violently green jelly sweet had been left on the wall of our front garden. Please don’t be under any illusions that we have a grand front wall – it’s the original 1950’s construction from when the houses were built and it’s held together with 60 years of mud, moss and not a great deal else.

So, back to the violently green jelly sweet sitting on the wall – it warranted further investigation. So we had a look, and a little prod… and then it moved. Nestled in the moss was a rather large caterpillar. Out came the cameras, and off we went on a bug hunt.

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I appreciate that slugs and snails aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and I haven’t included our pictures of ants, worms and woodlice! However, when I look closely at the swirl of a snail shell, or how green the caterpillar is, the symmetry of the spots on a ladybird or how clever the antennae of a snail are, I can’t help but think they’re beautiful. Mother Nature doing her stuff once again.

So that’s my beautiful thing for the week – nothing mega-inspirational but something that made us all look a bit harder and say ‘wow’. What’s yours?

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I’m also linking this post up to The Gallery this week. The theme is ‘colour’; the intricacies and subtle variations of colour that can be seen in just our front garden, never cease to amaze me.

Author: Jenny

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6 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Slugs and Snails

  1. You take such amazing photos! Really lovely and I love the concentration on CK’s face with the caterpillar! I am a bit rubbish with bugs so maybe I need to embrace the natural world a bit more.

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  3. Hey Jenny, I’m not sure if your site is having a brain fart or if it’s my computer but the linky link isn’t working. I was going to link up this post

  4. Amazing photos! That caterpillar is stunning! Just this week, due to some misadventures with my children we have become the proud owners of 3 pet snails, and I have become OBSESSED with observing and photographing their damp gliding movements and the incredible variety of colors on their shells. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. i am so glad that i found them!

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