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Mother’s Day According to the Cheetahs


I haven’t written about the Cheetahs for a while.  They’ve become a very active part of our lives again, which, with a bit of soul-searching, I put down to the fact that I haven’t exactly been firing on all cylinders for the last couple of months and the Cheetah Keeper has returned to the world of imaginary friends to regain some stability.  It grieves me that he’s had to regenerate the Cheetahs (and the Banana People and the Dinos and the Strikes – as the Dino Brothers are now called) to such an extent, but as they never cease to make me smile and/or baffle me into a bemused state of mirth and I think know that I’ll be very sad when they leave us forever.

They’ve been travelling by jet-pack again, been off to Running Land for some sunshine, MudLand for some muddy puddle jumping and to a new holiday destination – CleanLand.  CleanLand is generally where you go after MudLand and before you come home.  It’s full of swimming pools, rows of hot showers (Cheetahs can swim but don’t like cold showers) and has lots of big fluffy towels – especially for the little ones to be wrapped up in by their mummies and then have cuddle buggles.  Awww.

The Cheetahs also seem to be very fond of ladybirds (must be the spots) but also of camouflaging themselves in big black furry coats so they don’t show up.  I assume that’s when they’re out in the dark but as far as I’m aware they’re too busy sleeping in shoes when it’s dark.  Yes, the Cheetahs are back in the shoes and causing all sorts of problems of a morning – especially the little ones who hide right down in the toes and won’t come out when they’re told to.  I suspect it may be time to visit the podiatrist again – or maybe it’s just going along with the fact that the Cheetah Keeper is trying out very single stalling tactic available to make it difficult to get out the door to school – we’ve had the “you’ll be going to school in your pyjamas” ultimatum on several occasions recently!  (however, if you go to school in your pj’s there’s no where for the Cheetahs to hide during the day – lack of pockets – so he’s gone dressed every time – so far!)

The little Cheetahs have been thinking about what to do for their mummies for Mother’s Day.  They’re apparently getting them flowers and chocolates and will then be taking them out to lunch at the Cheetah Harvester for a lunch of their favourite Cheetah food.  This includes, Cheerios, Cheese, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes and then pudding – chocolate chip donuts (it gives them spots) with lots of sauce and lemonade to drink.  We’re also going to be ‘cellotaping’ some of the little Cheetah’s birthdays as well – I suspect they’ll be wanting a party so their poor mummies will then have to organise all of that…

After lunch they’re then going to get their mummies to the Cheetah Wii shop so that the daddies can buy them a Cheetah Wii.  This means that they’ll all be able to play really cool games together like, errm, Mario Cart.  Apparently.

I wonder what the Cheetah Keeper’s thinking of… 

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day According to the Cheetahs

  1. Oh, I do hope I didn’t revive them on Saturday (your kids are cute btw) x

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