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The Rice Crispie Cake Easter Bonnet


If you haven’t grasped it by now, I’m a bit mad (go read some more of the blog if you haven’t).   I live with 200(ish) imaginary Cheetahs, some banana people, 48 Dinos, 48 Dino Brothers (all called ‘Strike’) and a whole load of medical needs.  I’m also fond of making a cake (or 100), having a go at a bit of crafty stuff and whole-heartedly approve of kids getting stuck in and making a mess.

So when asked whether we could make an Easter Bonnet for the competition at school out of cake, the logical answer would have been….


The actual answer was – “well yes, ok then”.  Then I realised (duh…) that two would be required (one for each child) and that I had to significantly up my game.  The next line was the cruncher – bear in mind I have already said ‘yes’ – “and we can wear them to school…?  OK, time to make a plan… and after a quick trip to Sainsburys here’s how we made an Easter Bonnet Cake…(and you could too)

I glued a plastic serving bowl on an aluminium platter

you need to use ‘extra tacky’ glue and leave it to set for a bit.  Patience is required – this is the frame that you’re going to build the cake on.

Turn the 'hat' onto it's crown and use something sharp to make a hole to fit your scissors into

Using decent scissors (I used florist’s scissors that can be used to cut wire) work outwards from the hole so that it looks like this

into 8 triangles

Stop cutting when the tips of the scissors touch the edge of the bowl.  I tried gluing the triangles into the bowl (to form the actual hat bit) but that so did not work.  So with a bit, ok, a lot, of electrical tape I taped it all into place and made sure there were no sharp edges.

It's not going to show!

Check the fit!

She does have quite a large head – it fits her brother better but it will have to do.

Make sure the glue is really dry.

Ready for action!

Then get yourself a helper as you’ll need to make a shed load of rice crispie cake.

We used (for 2 hats – just) 250g butter, 10 tablespoons (ish) of golden syrup and about 500g of rice crispie (we used the basics range).

Melt the butter and golden syrup together in the microwave (do it in bursts and stir in-between) and then stir in the rice crispies until you get a thick, sticky mix.  Then smother the frame in it (seriously sticky work) and leave it to set.  Make sure you’re working on a tray or something else that will catch the bits!

and leave to set

We left it to set for 24 hours and then set about decorating it.

With icing, icing pens, sprinkles, cutters, writing icing, and anything else that I use to decorate my more sensible cakes

Leaving us with these

this is the Cheetah Keeper’s creation.  All his own work!

and this is what his sister will be wearing on Friday.  Hopefully it won’t rain, or be too hot and there won’t be any wasps about!  Yes, the chick is wearing glasses – just like she does now.

Fun – yes.  Messy – oh good grief, yes.  Quality family time – yes.  Unique – yes.

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

23 thoughts on “The Rice Crispie Cake Easter Bonnet

  1. What fab hats! Wishing you good weather on Friday 🙂 xx

  2. Ace I really want to try this now!! x

  3. So very creative and a twish on a fave theme. Loving it. The colour, the insanity, all of it

  4. Remind me never to dare you! 😉 Fantastic work Mrs!

  5. Omg!! They are amazing!! I am flabberghasted that you managed to not only make edible easter bonnets but they can be worn too!! I think you deserve mum of the year and if you dont win then i will eat my hat!! Brilliant just brilliant xx

  6. That’s brilliant !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mad – yes. Brilliant – naturally x

  8. Mad as a bag of cats but fantastic !

  9. Brilliant! This is the most original bonnet I have EVER seen! I love it 🙂 will you eat it too?

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  10. These are fab! What an amazingly fabulous idea!!!

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  12. I’m glad you’re not a mother at my school because I’d seriously lose the bonnet competition. Was it for last week? Did it go well? Will it be eaten?

  13. wonderful im making 1 with my little girl for a comp

  14. ok im in the middle of making it now(its the 30 march 2012)

  15. i look at this website(cheetahs in my shoes) every time there is an avent!

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