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Night and Day


I don’t know if I really am experiencing the side effects of reducing my medication, or whether I just think I am.  Whether tired and fuzzy and making mistakes is just ‘me’ or whether my body is just going ‘argh’ whilst it adjusts the levels of whatever it is that need adjusting.  The last few days I have been desperately tired but struggling to sleep and then when sleep does come, I dream.  The dose of medication that I’ve been on tends to stop dreams and it seems that my head is making up for lost time.  So as I wake, drenched in sweat I feel even more exhausted than I did before – it’s like trying to recharge your batteries when the charger isn’t plugged in to the wall.

I am going to get through this though and as we drove home last night the voice from the back of the car said “look at the moon mummy, it’s following us home”.  I wasn’t really able to explain planetary movement to the children but we marvelled at it all the way back.  So I grabbed my camera as we fell through the door (completely ignoring the children in the name of a photo – hmmm, not so proud of that one) and took these:

So a clear sky at night, generally brings a bright sunny morning.  Knowing that these were sitting on my memory card I wanted something to contrast with them.  I’m not entirely sure how I got the children to school this morning (although it was rather close to the Cheetah Keeper going in his pyjamas as he refused to get dressed) but I did, all children and medicine delivered to correct classrooms.  I managed to do some work (only 2 mistakes and I spotted them) and took myself to the osteopath – although it was one of those journeys in the car that you do on auto-pilot and wonder how you got there.

So 45 minutes of treatment later, I drove home and was hungry.  Hungry!  I ate lunch because I wanted to, not because I thought I should.  Then, having done some more work I took my camera out and went for a wander in search of something I had seen in bud a couple of weekends ago.

This evening I’ve run Rainbows (they’d never have guessed I hadn’t planned it) and maybe, just maybe, I’ll sleep


Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

8 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. What beautiful pictures.The moon was amazing last night, I was out and about and was just in awe of it, couldn’t believe how large and bright it was!

  2. What gorgeous shots and glad you’re doing better x

  3. That 3rd shot is great, did you use a tripod or just hand hold the camera?
    Takes a bit of playing with the settings to get it right doesnt it?

    • I don’t have a tripod (and am famed for my shaking hands). I wedged myself in a corner against the wall so my elbows were supported – and yes, played with the settings until I was happy… thankfully the camera has lots and lots of night options and it was a case of working out what suited things

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