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The Gallery – Light


The theme that Tara’s set us this week for The Gallery is ‘Light’ with the instruction that we can interpret this how we want.  So, here we go:

By the light of the moon everything just looks a little bit magical. From the first fingernail of a new moon to a glowing ball of orange fire in the sky, a clear night by moonlight is always lovely.

After the recent snow the sun started to peep through the grey clouds - like a big frisbee of white, glowing in the sky, just beginning to make the snow sparkle and melt

This is the view from my front door on Monday evening (4th March). It's blowing a gale and the clouds are billowing past - but with the sun setting through them it looks all pink. Love it!

My next light pictures are from, you’ve guessed it, our multiple zoo visits…

This is Lola the Common Hippo. We spent ages watching her play with her daughter Hula splashing around between the shadows and sunlight on her pool

This is a Rosy Carribean Flamingo who lives at Whipsnade Zoo. This was taken in the late afternoon with (I think) the most perfect reflections

These lights change colour constantly and lead down to the nocturnal section at London Zoo. The Cheetah Keeper managed to take this because he doesn't like going in to see the rats and the bats!

You can see some more of his pictures in my “Playing with Light” post from last week (posted before I knew the theme for this week!)

And finally, my last light picture.  The picture that, whilst it was being taken, caused my sanity to be (yet again) questioned.  This little light (it’s one of two) is something that I dreamed of having in my kitchen and, with much persuasion (if I remember rightly), we got a cooker hood with lights in it.  They’re the lights I cook by, bake by, ice by and, if it’s dark, photograph by.  It’s a little halogen light that has to be thumped occasionally to get it to work and have the food splatters cleaned off it on a regular basis.  When I have a new kitchen (yeah, like that’s going to happen any time soon), I’m going to have even more of these lights hidden away and really shiny surfaces that reflect the light… Ahem, back to reality.

Now pop over to The Gallery to see some more amazing pictures

Author: Jenny

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34 thoughts on “The Gallery – Light

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  2. I’m not sure about halogen lights under the kitchen cupboards, I have under cupboard florescent strips, I think they give a sharper light than my halogen ceiling spots : my age is showing!

  3. Great moon photos, love the crescent moon in the first one. Oh and the halogen lights? We live in a victorian house with big high ceilings, first thing we did when we moved in was replace the single pendant in the kitchen with 9 halogen spot lights in the ceiling 🙂

  4. Lot of photos! I particularly like the moon ones and the flamingo.

    • I couldn’t pick my favourite to post just one! The moon one I’m proud that I got the settings on the camera right, the sun in the snow was so welcome and the flamingos…every reflection was just amazing. 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos and words as always! I always look forward to your posts popping into my in box x

  6. Some great shots and your kitchen will probably be replaced before mine so take heart!

  7. What great pictures. I love the moon one, I can never get that to work. x

  8. You Have a fabulous collection of light shots! It is amazing how the moon reflects light in such a way it looks like it is emitting it itself!

  9. Wow, your spoiling us with your selection!
    But if I had to pick it would be your little halogen light 😉

  10. I love the moon photos- oh and the hippo too!

  11. Beautiful pictures. I love the purple/pink sky, it’s stunning.

  12. what wonderful photos, i love the sky on you took on Monday beautiful!

  13. what a wonderful array of photos 🙂 i think my favourite is the flamingo though – the pink reflections are great x

  14. Fantastic pictures – love the hippo and the flamingo!

  15. We all liked the happy hippo picture – you are lucky being able to visit London zoo. You too are dreaming of a new kitchen, my new kitchen units have been sitting in our garage for 4 years, my double oven also there for 3 years and I am hoping that this Christmas I will have my oven installed – I am tired of cooking on a gas oven with one shelf, no temperature gauge and it is in the garage too – the things that we mum’s now dream about!!

    • We are lucky enough to live almost equidistant between London and Whipsnade Zoos – hence why we spend so much time there! As for the kitchen, ours is 10 years old and beginning to show the signs of the fact that I put all the drawers together myself… wishful thinking for a new one for now!

  16. Ah, yes, having to thump those bloody little lights! We have two that need tapping vigorously every day or so – grrr… And of course, they are right next to each other, so one end of the counter top is mostly in darkness.
    Love the zoo and moon pics!

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