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As I sat with my GP on Monday afternoon and talked through (ok, wobbled through) the emotional rollercoaster that the last 6 months has been, we finished with the plan to reduce my meds (slowly, carefully and being aware that it’s going to make me feel pretty rotten while I do it) and to look forward to Spring.  Some more light, some more fresh air and the time to let the events of the past few month process themselves into a place where they won’t come up and overwhelm me when I’m least expecting it.

Crumpled, teary and apparently clearly shaken when I went to retrieve the children, I wasn’t planning on needing a day to recover from the appointment, nor was I planning on making so many ridiculous mistakes in my work.  I felt like a fog had descended and had enveloped me into a fuzzy world of wobbly lines, lack of appetite and tiredness that wouldn’t allow sleep.

I also wasn’t planning on the Cheetah Keeper’s sister’s tonsils getting so infected that she couldn’t swallow and was sobbing in pain.  She’s a stoic little girl normally so to complain that things are hurting usually mean that something is properly wrong – but as she dragged herself to school on Thursday (dosed up with Calpol and refusing the offered day off) she was clearly unwell.  We then managed an hour long appointment at Great Ormond Street (more of that at a later date) and were sent home with instructions to be at the GP on Friday morning (and a list…)

This GP was lovely, she listened.  She’s already done what she said she was going to do.  The diagnosis: tonsillitis, strep throat or a virus.  She’s being treated for the strep throat as we can’t risk her getting Scarlet Fever again.  10 days of antibiotics, 4 doses a day is unpleasant but definitely better than ending up in GOSH for a fortnight, again.  I’ve watched her muscle strength decrease in front of me and whilst she’s back springing around again (and then flopping in a heap) we’re now having to factor back her physio into our routine.

I’ve slept this weekend but I still feel tired.  I’m hungry but I don’t know what I want to eat.  Jobs have been done and after the last few weeks of ‘interesting’ meal combinations we finally have a full fridge and freezer.  I’m also not entirely sure how I’ve done it – why the frozen peas were in the fridge, how I’ve managed to lose full syringes of medicine and why on earth I thought I’d find them in the microwave.  I’ve abandoned the idea of trying to catch up on my paid work and am blogging – which my GP and I both agreed was good for me – getting my thoughts in enough of an order to write them down is far healthier than having them spin around in my head in wild directions.

I did manage to get out into the garden on Friday to take some photos of ‘Spring’.  Pretty good job considering it snowed this afternoon and the temperature reached a mahoosive 2C.  Hopefully the cold won’t kill off the new growth that is beginning to spring from the ground and those little insects who have ventured out have had the sense to think ‘sod this’ and return to their winter hiding holes.  If the returning cold weather means we miss out on a ‘proper’ Spring, I’ve got these pictures to remind me…

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Author: Jenny

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21 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. Chin up old girl, your gorgeous pictures show that new life is just around the corner x

  2. Lovely pictures hope you can feel better xx

  3. Can identify with the symptoms you so ably describe, and laughed at the ‘how I’ve managed to lose full syringes of medicine and why on earth I thought I’d find them in the microwave’ oh the times that happens here (not syringes but other disparate objects being looked for in totally bizarre locations!)

    Just think darling, things will get better, or, as my dad would say ‘everything passes’.

    Feel better soon x

  4. Beautiful pictures. You are spreading a little bit of joy to everyone who sees this post. Take some for yourself. x

  5. Lovely pics. Hope you all feel better soon x

  6. Mwah sending many squidgey hugs

  7. Sometimes I think Spring is so cruel for being so beautiful. But without the renewal of life, where would we be?

    Maybe a bit deep for a Monday, but I’m keeping positive.

    Best wishes to you all,
    Lesley x.

  8. Poor you. Those pics are amazing – just like you tho! Big hug X

  9. blogging is def a great way to express your thoughts and it is far better to get them all out on here then have them weighing heavily on your mind. i think spring is a perfect time for new things to start and wipe slates clean and i am sure you will get there. you must get baking – i find that helps me especially the eating part afterwards *ahem*
    gorgeous photos aswell -xxx

  10. OMG! So much colour over there! Your photos are beautiful – everything’s still brown and dead looking here. Minus twenty this morning with the windchill. Spring will be a while yet.
    Take heart hun and be good to yourself xxx

  11. They are beautiful photos. I haven’t visited your blog before, your post sounds like you are expressing your thoughts and trying to turn a corner. I hope you feel better soon. x

    • Thank you for popping by. There’s lots of stuff here on the blog – pictures, some deep & dark stuff, baking and all about living with a load of imaginary cheetahs – come back and see us soon xx

  12. There is a sense of the start of a journey here towards better health and thinking all round. You write really well and make me want to know more about you. You are seeking help which is very strong in itself. You are open and by being so will help others too. A very valuable post and if you did want to link up with Groovy Mums, you are extremely welcome to do so.

    • Thanks Kate – have a look back at You’re Beautiful-Rising in Glory (2 weeks ago) and Glittering Images (I wrote that before Christmas) to find out a bit more about the ‘journey’ – I’m not sure I feel (or ever felt) that Groovy but it’s nice to be with others x

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