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Saturday Is Caption Day! Hot Chocolate…


You know what to do – how would you caption this scary girl?!

Now pop over to see the lovely Mammasaurus for other photos that require your captioning skills!


Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

13 thoughts on “Saturday Is Caption Day! Hot Chocolate…

  1. I told u mum I didn’t touch your mars bar OK!

  2. Oh dear I missed my mouth!

  3. This new anti-aging cream was amazing!

  4. I am not so sure about this new facial cream?

  5. ”look in to my eyes, you will buy me all the chocolate in the kingdom”

  6. “What do you mean someone’s pilfered all your chocolate buttercream mum? Well I for one am shocked” looks innocent*

    ps. gosh doesn’t she look just like you!

  7. ‘You missed a bit!’

  8. This no its brown paint, I didn’t touch no chocolate, stop blaming me I bet you hogged it mum!

  9. chocolate nose paint is the new must have beauty product this season!

    (what BEAUTIFUL eyes!!)

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