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6 months of Blogging and 5 things that make me happy


I’ve been blogging for 6 months.  6 whole months…of me, my laptop, my camera and a whole load of imaginary friends.  Bits of my history, bits of now, sadness, family life, beautiful (I hope) pictures, some silliness and a fair amount of cake along the way.

So, how to mark this auspicious occasion?  It’s not been a jolly few weeks for me but after You’re Beautiful yesterday I think the blog needs a bit of a smile so I’ve taken the lovely Kate Takes 5 Listography theme of 5 things that make me happy to do so.  I’ve spent too much of today thinking about the word ‘happy’.  It’s not a word I associate with ‘me’ at the moment, it’ll come but it may take a while.  So I’ve chosen 5 things that are helping me get into a better ‘place’:


Washing on the line, drying, with bright blue sky, in February


Things growing that we planted together - these daffodils were planted with the Cheetah Keeper's sister 5 years ago! Spring is on the way


Pepsi Max on special offer in the supermarket. I have a bit of an addiction!


Baking. I'm not very good with compliments but watching people look at, eat and enjoy the cakes that I make is something that baffles and delights me in equal measure


Going to the Zoo. Seeing things (like this Sloth actually moving!), feeding the children's love of learning, being outside in the fresh air and being lucky enough to see these amazing animals on such a regular basis.

Here’s to the next six months – and if there’s anything I write that you particularly enjoy, please let me know.

There’s lots of other happy thoughts over on Kate’s Listography this week – pop over for a bit more feel good blogging


Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

22 thoughts on “6 months of Blogging and 5 things that make me happy

  1. You definitely deserve a bit of happiness lovely lady and lots more cakes and beautiful writing heading into my inbox will make me happy!

  2. You forgot to mention the Temazepam!

  3. Those cakes would make me happy! I have a Pepsi max addiction too.

  4. lovely pictures 🙂 and a great list!

  5. Fabulous pictures – we were right there with you at the zoo, chugging that PepsiMax etc! Awh, you made me homesick for the UK as here in India our washing is out on a towel rack on the balcony of our city apartment – drying in superfast time but it’s not the same thing at all! Lovely blog – here’s to the next 6 months and lots of happiness!

  6. Feels like you have been blogging for alot longer than 6 months!

  7. A very nice way to celebrate 6 months of blogging, totally agree about getting washing on the line, so much nicer than hanging in the house

  8. 6 months? Is that all? I had no idea – thought you were a long-termer! Love your entries – and Pepsi Max is far far superior to any other diet colas!

  9. Congratulations of 6 months of blogging. What an achievement! And yours is a blog I really enjoy reading too. Must be all that Pepsi Max you drink (ps I am a total addict too) 🙂

  10. Right, I’m here. I’ve come to slap a big greasy, infectious smile and your understandably sad face of late.
    I’ve just nominated you for the BritMums BiB Snap! award – I love your piccies of all things normal and everyday – you make them seem enchanting and arty and meaningful in the smae way I use words to make everything seem all annoying and frustrating and pooey.
    Smile away lovely Mrs x x

    • Well hello there. I’m slightly stunned to say the least and thank you very, very kindly for the nomination. Am hoping a small smile will be creeping back very soon…once the baffled look has left my face x 🙂

  11. Love your list – nothing like the smell of washing dried on the line – another one I forgot on my list (I think the stuff I forgot is now longer than my list!)

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