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High Speed Cheetahs

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The imaginary menagerie have been pretty quiet recently.  They’re still an integral part of the Cheetah Keeper’s life but much of what they are doing has become highly classified information and they are still adamant that drawings of them are not allowed.  They have conceded to having their photo taken running over our duvet but seeing as they move so quickly, the pictures do tend to end up a bit blurry.

The Cheetah Keeper isn’t overly happy about ‘something’ at the moment.  His beloved cuddly ‘Tesco’ the giraffe (it’s what the label said his name was) is back coming to school and the Cheetahs are mobilising – as are the Banana People, Dinos and Dino Brothers – now affectionately known as “The Strikes”.

Their main focus has been improving access to the Cheetah Keeper’s bedroom (apparently more doors were installed over half term, including one into our bedroom) and upgrading their transport.  First came the Cheetah sledges (Cheetahs wear extra snow boots during the snow, they have black spots on them) which were jolly good fun – I feel a little sorry for the Daddy Cheetahs who had to pull the little ones around.

Then came the jet-packs, enabling to fly up to open windows (they’re awfully smart these Cheetahs) but they’re a secret, so I’m trusting that you, good reader, will make sure that this information is on a strictly ‘need to know’ basis.

A flying train came next and this afternoon I have learnt that they’ve upgraded their aeroplane to be able to accommodate extra friends.  The original banana plane is still in the fleet, as is the larger one that they got to fit the Dinos and Strikes in.  The new one has televisions and computers on the back of the seats so the little Cheetahs don’t get bored (is that a hint Cheetah Keeper?).

Today, the Cheetahs have discovered that they’re rather fond of pancakes.  They would have done so yesterday however there was a “Dissarsta” of the greatest kind in the Food Tech room at school when the hob wouldn’t work, so they have had to wait.  Disappointment all round – although be assured that the Cheetah Keeper has definitely made up for lost time by scoffing as many pancakes as he possibly could today.

Apparently they like pancakes with any sort of sauce in – ketchup (strange tastes…), meat sauce (slightly more understandable), toffee sauce (wonder where they got that idea from?) and chilli sauce.  Chilli sauce???

It makes them run faster.  Obviously.

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

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