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Miserably Cold


As I mentioned on the Health Showcase on Love All Blogs this week (what? you haven’t read it yet??? Hop over there now!  Actually, no, read my post first, then click here) I suffer from Reyanuds Syndrome.  It’s really common, especially in women and it means that the blood doesn’t flow to my extremities (fingers, toes, nose, ears) properly.  It’s linked to my Ehlers-Danlos Sydnrome too – because my blood vessels are a bit bendy and what blood does get to the them, can’t flow round properly.

So, when it’s as cold as it is outside (here) at the moment I get really cold.  If it wasn’t for the fistfuls of drugs that I take every evening my toenails would fall off as my toes get, and remain cold for so long.  (It’s happened).  I have the long socks, handwarmers, furry boots, umpteen fleeces, thick gloves and and a massive, wonderfully long and warm coat.  I wear gloves to drive from about September to May each year.

When it’s grey, and cold it’s hard to stay positive.  Snow and ice are beautiful but they are equally misery inducing.  For those of you blessed with internal central heating (the Cheetah Keeper’s sister is always warm) I admit to being a little envious at the moment.  I am cold under my double thickness duvet (as I wait for the drugs to kick in) in my fleecy pj’s (with an extra vest underneath) – so then I am tired which makes staying warm even harder.  So then I want to eat CAKE (or biscuits – hey, I’m not fussy) which although yummy doesn’t actually do me any good…

This week has been miserably cold, cold to the core, cold.  I don’t have the syndrome that badly – my drug regime works for me and I really feel for the others that are suffering more.  Being cold drags you down emotionally as well as physically.  As I said on Wednesday, I am scared (make it terrified) of snow and ice – when you’ve had both kneecaps removed (as I did nearly 20 years ago) falling is something to be avoided at all costs.  But you can’t show that fear to the children…


Author: Jenny

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6 thoughts on “Miserably Cold

  1. That sounds really uncomfortable, must make you want to stay in bed all day! Take care and do your best to stay warm.

  2. Learn something new every day. I’m not a fan of the cold either, not because of medical reasons, just because I was obviously born in the wrong country and my mum didn’t realise. The cold wouldn’t be such a problem right now due to my extra pregnancy warmth…. If I wasn’t 8 months pregnant, trying to get about in Ugg type boots that slip a lot and get wet, and are the only things that fit comfortably on my feet!! Spring will be on its way soon *cheers*, for now, here’s a hot chocolate I made especially for you 🙂 x

  3. My ex-mother-in-law has that. Poor you. I once stood in front of a heat sensor camera, not matter how much I rubbed it my nose was always showing blue!!!

    • one of the tests they do is to stick your hands in ice for a set amount of time and then sit with them in front of the heat sensing camera. There’s a ‘normal’ time that it takes to warm up again – 10 minutes later and mine still aren’t ‘normal’

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