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Snowy #SunFun


I fear I may be jumping on the bandwagon a little, but the arrival of four inches of snow overnight is obviously more than ample material for a bit of fun…

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The cold tends to lead to noses beginning to run – and the Cheetah Keeper’s sister is suffering a bit from a cold anyway.  So as we return into the warm and the snot began to flow, it was suggested that a tissue was used to wipe her nose rather than just sniffing.

Cue the Cheetah Keeper –

“I sometimes use a tissue at school mummy,

but my sleeve is easier”

I’m linking this up to #SunFun which is over at Mammasaurus Blog this week

Sunday Funny

and Country Kids from Coombe Mill – we definitely don’t live in the country but we just love being outside!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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14 thoughts on “Snowy #SunFun

  1. Hahaha sleeves *are* easier. I have to admit I have used my sleeve to wipe noses recently.

    We haven’t had any snow, not a single solitary flake.

  2. Loving those snow play pictures. Your children really are having a wonderful time. Thank you for linking up to Country Kids, as you say you don’t need to be in the country to be able to appreciate a bit of outdoor fun.

  3. Could we suggested that a tissue is tucked up the sleeve?! Although I admit whilst out walking my gloves often cop a quick back of hand wipe and they get thrown into washing machine with the muddy trousers post walk!

  4. Your time in the snow looks like so (snow) much fun! We haven’t got any here. 😦

  5. Oh bless them this had made me smile – having fun outdoors in the snow. Wish we had had some here!

  6. eeeugh! careful of those sleeves! Looks like they had lots of fun in the snow!

  7. being outside is great no matter where you live, lovely snowy slideshow 🙂

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