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You’re Beautiful – Week 5


January’s over.  It’s supposedly contained the most miserable day of the year and the happiest day of the year (so far).  Depending on which article you read or opinion you listen to, January is supposed to be one serious rollercoaster of a month.  I’m not sure I agree – it’s been our usual mix of bonkers life stuff, cake making, health battling, work juggling, photo taking and generally being us.  With the addition of beautiful thing spotting.

It has made our month – the children have loved it and so have I.  Bare branches lit up by the sunrise are beautiful, especially when covered in frost and there are little signs of spring already peeping through the frozen ground (although by the looks of the weather forecast there may be a bit of snow for them to contend with)…

So – this week, I bring you (with very low marks for the photography) the thing that the Cheetah Keeper’s Sister thinks is the most beautiful thing to arrive in our house for a very very long time

School shoes.

Almost exactly 2 years ago, the Cheetah Keeper’s sister contracted Scarlet Fever.   She was really poorly with it and, because she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, she lost a huge amount of her muscle strength.  By the time we were admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital in the August (having done a huge amount of physio and other activity) she was still lacking about 45% of the muscle strength that she should (and now does) have.

To stop her ankles dislocating or bending in the wrong direction and to try and keep her feet facing forwards she has worn lace-up boots to school for 2 years.  Despite my best efforts (black/silver/purple sparkly laces, black patent boots etc) there is nothing cool about wearing boots to school and having to rely on your teachers to do them up for you – especially when your fine motor skills aren’t good enough for you to be able to learn how to tie them.

Now, 2 years on (and an absolute bargain in the sales!) she has school shoes.  They have annoying little toys hidden inside (although one of them is a cheetah – and that must mean something) and sparkly bits on the bows.  She still has to wear her insoles in them but they don’t show – and she is in complete control of putting them on and taking them off.  It means she can change into her wellies independently and play with her friends on the field, not be last when getting changed for PE and not rely on me to help her get dressed in the morning.

They may just be black school shoes – to her they’re absolutely beautiful.

So, what’s your beautiful thing this week?  A photo, some words (how about joining in with the amazing work that’s going on to support the Breast Cancer Campaign and then linking back here too?), a creation, a purchase, a random act of kindness…?

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6 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Week 5

  1. That truly is beautiful! Bet she feels fantastic in them! I’m without my laptop until the weekend but will be on the lookout for beautiful things for next week. Is it always on a Wednesday?

  2. That really is something to smile about!I’ll be on the look out this week and be sure to join up next week! Twitter may have to give me a poke in the right direction lol

  3. I looked at the shoes and thought they were beautiful and then read the story behind them and it made them even more beautiful. Shall put your badge on my memes page 🙂

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