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Pleeeeeeeeeeeease can we go outside???


The Cheetah Keeper’s sister has felt a bit cooped up over the last week or so as her brother (and parents) have done battle with the evil double pronged virus that, just as you’re thinking you’re over the worst, comes back and has another dig at your throat, chest and sinuses – with a smug grin over it’s little virussy face and shouting “so you think you can win…? do ya?” as it sends your temperature soaring and you back towards the sofa.

By 7.30am yesterday morning she was begging to go outside – to the zoo, to the park, to feed the ducks – anything.  Yesterday was extremely cold.  Having spent most of the last week doing so, the Cheetah Keeper was more than happy to remain curled up on my lap watching the television.  We had to go out – the poor girl was desperate for some fresh air.  So we did.

We looked for beautiful things, Green Balloon Club spots, things beginning with M (ready for I Spy on Wednesday!), animals and birds.  We talked about how old bridges and man hole covers were and we played in the mud.  We had red cheeks and runny noses and the children had to be stripped off in the porch before entering the house (straight into pj’s) and the coats and trousers went straight in the wash.  Top parenting tip – always have a spare coat!

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Author: Jenny

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6 thoughts on “Pleeeeeeeeeeeease can we go outside???

  1. Sounds like your afternoon out was just what you needed to blow the nasty bugs away. I love the pictures of the spring flowers and kids laughing in the grass. Thanks for linking up to Country Kids

    • you’re more than welcome Fiona! I’m becoming more and more convinced that every parenting book should advise the purchase of really good waterproofs and wellies because then being outside is so much more fun!!

  2. I’m so glad that we are not the only ones who roll in the mud for the sheer delight of it! We have had some funny looks from passers-by and I imagine the phrase “not fit to look after 3 young children” has sprung to many a mind. xx Merryll

  3. Those pictures are amazing. I can never get a photo of a squirrel as they run away first – worst than my kids.

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