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#SatCap Saturday is Caption Day – Love is..?


Minnie Mouse and Mr Dinosaur were making plans for the next cupcake creation…

What would you caption this? (c’mon you’ve got to be able to do better than me)

Now pootle over and show so your captioning creativity over with Mammasaurus Blog where Saturday is always Caption Day

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

17 thoughts on “#SatCap Saturday is Caption Day – Love is..?

  1. Mammasaurus and ActuallyMummy planning their new Sunday funny blog hop.

  2. It’s actually Mammasaurus putting in her order for Come Dine With Me cupcakes. Lets just hope the Cheetah lady doesn’t put a worm on top or we’ll just get a Duck in sunglasses playing Lady Goo Goo on his decks.
    (I know that will make absolutely no sense whatsoever unless you are a fan of Moshi Monsters!)

  3. The Cheetah menagerie was diversifying into reptiles and rodents

  4. Mammasaurus was enjoying the Come Dine With You experience especially corrupting the young lady into adding gin to the cupcake creations 😉

  5. Hacking into the FBI database was harder then they thought.

  6. ok, i’ve typed in the long number on the front, can you tell me what the code is on the back of dad’s credit card now.

  7. Disney Land characters weren’t just paid to entertain the children, they had to do desk work too.

  8. the email address donald have given was wrong

  9. I wish this dino would back off and give minnie a little breathing space!

  10. Depressed by the lack of look a like work, cake seemed the best cure for feeling depressed x

  11. Enough cakes Minnie, time to look at ‘sauruses!

  12. I want green Minnie, why does it have to be so pink?!

  13. All dressed up to stay in.

  14. The disguise was incredible. Mummy has no idea who these two new things in her house were, but they were quieter than what she had! They could stay!

  15. Love is… Googling together

  16. you can never have enough cake..minnie was trying to educate dino…

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