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#ISpy With My Little Eye – Something Beginning with L


I’ve toyed with the idea of the letter ‘L’ this week.  I’ve got loads of pictures I could use but they were all rather blatantly a picture of something beginning with L.  So I’ve gone for this one – not that tricky (I think)

He fell asleep in my arms – that doesn’t happen very often now.

Now lugubriously linger your way over  to #ISpy‘s lovely hostess with the mostest Mum of One to find the other little teasers of the week.

Mum of One

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

12 thoughts on “#ISpy With My Little Eye – Something Beginning with L

  1. I wouLd have gone for lashes too!

  2. Lovely long lashes – gorgeous x

  3. I’ll be honest – I didn’t guess it 😦 DUNCE

  4. Least it wasn’t lice

  5. Of course it is lashes, but you could submit that photo for so many memes (the Gallery last week, for instance!)

  6. I didn’t get this until I read the comments! Lovely pic x

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