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The School Trip – Wot’s So Funee?


This week the Cheetah Keeper’s sister has been on a school trip.

I use trip in a fairly loose sense.  They visited our local church and walked there, so no coach, no-one being sick on the way, no getting stuck in traffic.  Nevertheless they regarded it as a trip – and she came back and told me that some of her beautiful things that she’d spotted for the day were the frosty grass and trees they’d seen on the walk.

We’re in the car driving to gymnastics and I’m being informed that her teachers choice of route was not the ‘normal’ one that we would have taken and it leads onto what happened once they got to church.  The conversation went kind of like this…

What did you do whilst you were there? : We got to have a drink and a biscuit and light a candle

Why did you light a candle? : Because I was sitting at the end of the row

But what did you light the candle for? : Because they’ve still got the stable there

The stable? : The stable that Jesus was born in because it’s a special month and it’ll last up until the beginning of February.

What’s the special month called? : It’s a hard word Mummy, *she thinks* – it’s e-tiffany

Oh yes, and we got to see the bird bath where people have their christenings in.
Wot So Funee?

I’m linking this up to Actually Mummy’s Wot So Funee linky this week – and just so the Cheetah Keeper isn’t neglected, I’ve been informed this evening that, when insisting that he had to put his shoes and coat on to go outside (radical parenting huh?) “you are hurting my feelings mummy”.

Author: Jenny

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7 thoughts on “The School Trip – Wot’s So Funee?

  1. Cute! My son told me he loved me to ‘in fidgety’ last week!!!! – family stories past and present

  2. Sweet, we always sit near the bird bath in Church. Makes the view much better 🙂

  3. Oh bless! Sweet how they explain their feelings – I made a playdate cry today by shouting at my own kids.
    Love E Tiffany, sounds like an amazing way to get online jewellery!

  4. Thats so cute – love the bird bath story… popped via BYOBH x

  5. Ha ha, i love the bird bath!! Thanks so much for linking up to Friday funny. xx

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