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National Zoo's Cheetah Cubs: April

Image by Smithsonian's National Zoo via Flickr

I’ve been asked what the Cheetahs are up to at the moment so I thought I would take a moment to give you a brief update on the imaginary menagerie.  As previously mentioned, the Cheetah Keeper found the whole festive period pretty stressful (ok, that’s an understatement) and hence the Cheetahs appeared in force to keep some degree of ‘normality’ in his life.  For those of you questioning whether imaginary friends are normal, the research I’ve done indicates, at the Cheetah Keeper’s current age, I have nothing to worry about.  If they’re still in existence when he’s 11, maybe I should ask some questions…

Moving on.  Firstly the Cheetahs have some new transport – they hadn’t seemed to have purchased a new car recently and after the upgrade on the flying carpet and aeroplane their transportation seemed to be under control.  However, despite the slightly warmer than average January, it transpires that the flying carpet was a little chilly, so they’ve got some flying shoes.  Cosy for the little ones in the toes and the big ones can see out to steer.  Oh, and they’re red and green and orange.  Makes a change from yellow and black spots.

National Zoo's Cheetah Cubs: April

Image by Smithsonian's National Zoo via Flickr

On the domestic front, the 10 Cheetah cubs born on Christmas Day (of course) seem to be doing well and are gaining some independence.  I think they may have already been to school.  Quite a lot of them are going to school at the moment, although now the Cheetah Keeper has moved to school dinners every day they are back to travelling in his pockets, shoes, book-bag or just in his hand.  They did try riding in his gloves but the little ones get stuck in the bottom of the fingers and can’t get out.  We won’t be doing that again.

The Cheetah Keeper did inform his teacher that the reason for him being ‘hexausted’ on Friday was because his Cheetahs had been jumping up and down on him during the night.  I think the actual reason was him coughing but you never can tell.  As far as I’m aware, the Cheetahs spend most of the day either snuggled up in his tray, or coat pocket or in the ‘flop zone’ in their classroom or out running on the field.   I do have to check we’ve got them before we leave but on the occasions they get up late or are too busy in the classroom, they can always squeeze under the fence and get themselves into school or home.  Very good at crossing the road are imaginary Cheetahs.

A large quantity of the Dinos are currently on holiday in Running Land as they got fed up with it being cold and damp and needed some sunshine.  As usual, they went on the train to the airport and flew from there.  Apparently they’ll be gone for about 10 weeks as they want to play on the beach, go swimming and be warm – sounds a grand plan to me.  The Banana People are still about but not that active at the moment – they occasionally come out for a race at trampolining but don’t often win – the Cheetahs or their Keeper tend to take the glory.

It’s also been noticed that we have no visiting birds to our garden this year.  The most likely reason for this being that we are almost the only house in a street without a pet cat.  That and the urban foxes, the odd visiting sparrowhawk and the circling red kite.  Apparently not.  It’s the Cheetahs chasing them away all the time – they try to catch them but haven’t managed so far.  That’s a good thing I think, but I’m glad that he’s encouraging them to keep up some natural behaviours…

English: Four cheetahs at the Serengeti Nation...

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  1. I love the drama of the Cheeter Keeper’s word… “hexausted”. Sometimes “tired” just isn’t enough! 🙂

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