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My first Vlog of 2012 – is too much routine too much?


I’ve been inspired this week by the research published by the Princes Trust about the need for stable environments to give children a better chance at school.  But is too much routine too much?  Here’s my view – let me know what you think…

Click here to read the article that the BBC published on Tuesday 3rd January

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Author: Jenny

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2 thoughts on “My first Vlog of 2012 – is too much routine too much?

  1. We are sticklers for a loose routine – Queen Scamp struggled when nursery stopped for the Xmas hols, now she’s getting used to it it’s time to go back to nursery.

    It’s a good question you pose, routine has it’s place but also allowing our children a degree of choice and options does too.

    There must be a happy medium somewhere. Maybe make holidays a time that the children can sit down with you and create their own routine. So they do have one – it’s just focused on what they choose it to be (with in reason of course). Maybe it’ll give them something to focus on in the absense of the ‘usual’ routine.

    Does that even make sense ?!

    • we do often draw up a schedule together – but there’s that bit of me that just wants to kick back and relax a bit and they just can’t cope with that! and yes it does make sense xxx

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