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I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning with N


So I broke you in gently with my first I Spy entry last week – this week, the letter is N and hopefully you’ll have to look a little harder…

What do you think the answer is???

Now hop over to #ISpy‘s lovely hostess with the mostest Mum of One to find the other little teasers of the week.

Mum of One

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

17 thoughts on “I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning with N

  1. Nutella? Gotta be some of that in there somewhere…

  2. Nutella! middle shelf!

  3. I’m going with Nutella (yumm, I can sniff that stuff out anywhere)

  4. I spyed nutella straightaway (mmmmmmmmmmm) followed by that bottle of numero uno on the bottom shelf and I’m thinking maybe you’re being a bit tricksy and knew we’d all hone in on the nutty chocolate spread so the answer is “numero uno”, whatever that may be????

  5. Nutritious things? But probably Nutella!!

  6. Nutella yum yum bloomin yum

  7. Nutella? No ketchup? Numero Uno?

  8. Yummmmmy Nutella and possibly nutty peanut butter?! x

  9. Nutella it is! Or maybe Not enough ketchup and I had forgotten the Numero Uno which is farmer’s market blow your head off chilli sauce. I go Nowhere Near it. Is it wrong to have Nutella in jars that big? And is it even more wrong to eat it out the jar with a spoon??

  10. Ummmm, nutella, lovely! (Sorry for the belated guess)

  11. HOLA! I can’t find your twitter name? 😦 Just a quick reminder for tomorrows, will be T 🙂 x

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