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2011 according to the Cheetahs


So 2011 has been the year that the Cheetahs and their keeper found, ahem, fame.  From small beginnings (ie just being annoyingly in shoes when it was time to put them on) and the odd Facebook status update they’ve now got their own blog (ta daaaaaaaaaaa – yes I know you’re reading it) and their keeper’s mother has met, via the wonders of the bloggesphere and Twitter some super lovely people.  So, here’s our review of the year, possibly chronologically correct, and quite possibly not – a lot happens in a year.

January.  The Cheetah Keeper had a gastroscopy that showed that he was doing ok and didn’t need his reflux meds any more.  Huzzah!  He also started Nursery at “Big School” where the staff instantly fell in love with him (and took to the idea of the Cheetahs remarkably well).

February.  The Cheetah Keeper’s mummy had a big operation on her elbow and didn’t get better quite as quickly as she thought she would.  11 months on it’s still nice to have all the feeling in her fingers that had been missing for at least 2 years.  She also received the news that her bid for £5000 of funding for the new school project (that’s me in the turquoise top) had been successful and went round with a smile on her face for ages.

March – I have no idea what happened in March.  We probably went to the zoo – oh, and we drank the Mandeville Monster milkshake for the first time discovering a new (and somewhat expensive) vice treat.

April.  The Cheetah Keeper’s sister turned 6 and was a bridesmaid.  A few(!) cakes were made.  It was gloriously sunny and the Cheetahs, having been very quiet for a while returned.  My facebook status read “…Has put the cheetahs to bed. Not only can these ones run even faster than the ones at Whipsnade, apparently one is inside the duvet cover preparing porridge ready for breakfast in the morning..”  I also got to be grown up and went to Frankfurt for work for 4 days – involving an extremely inebriated Lithuanian who’d lost his car.

The Cheetah Keeper (planning ahead as ever) asked for a steam roller for his birthday so he could smooth out the roads but only a little one otherwise his feet wouldn’t reach the pedals.  Baking totals for April :  42 eggs, 15 packs of butter, 4kg of sugar (at least), 2.5 kg of flour, 1/4 pot baking powder, 1/4 bottle vanilla extract, 162 paper cases, a pint of whipping cream, a litre of yoghurt, 0.5kg ground almonds and a whole load of washing up.

May:  The Cheetah Keeper was 4.  I made some more cakes.  His favourite present was a bag of marbles.  I got very stressed with the NHS (again).  The Cheetah Keeper returned (albeit briefly) to his refluxing ways. We holidayed in Mablethorpe and the Cheetah Keeper & his sister really discovered the joys of playing together on the beach.

June: More cake was made.  About 240 of them.  It was very hot.  I got annoyed with OPC’s (other people’s children) and was immaturely amused by the letter home from school asking us to peg willies together.

July.  The end of term was upon us, it was hot, we were tired.  A magpie got stuck in our chimney and needed rescuing – I was very brave.  Red Riding Hood whipped a pistol from her knickers in the school show, I got cross with the people fighting in adjoining offices and now, being 36 years old, Amazon asked if I would like to pre- order “Gentle Gym for the over 50’s” on DVD.  The Cheetah Keeper was very keen on examining his poo (to see if they looked like tadpoles) and went for his first taster day in Reception. “Mummy, we’re in Ladybirds and the children with the blue writing [on their name labels] are in Buttonflies”

I made some more cake and realised that I was having my last afternoons as a mummy with a pre-schooler.  We holidayed in Wales and I realised that I was, finally, enjoying being with my children rather than just managing/transporting/looking after them.  The Cheetah Keeper’s nosebleeds returned.

August.  The Cheetahs took over.

“Happy days in the paddling pool. The Cheetah Keeper still insists that the coolest summer look is winter fleece hat, sunsuit top, no shorts/pants and wellies – and also that we have 3 small banana people living under our house who get bananas in through holes in the garden, look a bit muddy and drink Capri Sun.”

“the banana people had a play in the paddling pool under the house and then went to London Zoo to see the animals. The cheetahs have been playing jumping in the bath and making really big splashes and the Cheetah Keeper became a robot”

“the cheetahs and the banana people didn’t want to come to the splash park with us this morning so went (in their super speedy car, of course) to the one at London Zoo because it’s better. 2 groups of the cheetahs are going to Spain tomorrow (packing their suitcases at the moment) for 12 days but the other 2 groups are staying at home because the babies are too small to go and need to stay with their mummies.”

“well the banana people all behaved nicely in the car on the way to Norfolk today, as did the cheetahs. The cheetah party going to Spain are flying from Luton Aeroport tomorrow now and those with us enjoyed chicken nuggets, beans and chips for tea, apart from one of the baby ones who liked curry. They all sat with their legs crossed and with their paws in their laps like 5 star listeners.”

“the banana people and the cheetahs seem to have had a subdued day. After enjoying running around the hotel room and jumping in drawers they have been to the beach and done some very big jumps in the sea that splashed to the moon. Other than that I think they have been a tad tired – rather like their keeper”

they then got some crocodile scooters (that didn’t snap as they were going along) and trainers for when they’re doing running races, crocs for ‘other’ shoes and wellies for puddle jumping – with crocodiles on, of course.  They took themselves to London Zoo (and came with us to Whipsnade, of course)

“the cheetahs enjoyed their trip to London – I’m not sure what they liked best – looking out the window on the train (even at the lights in the underground tunnels), watching The Tiger Who Came to Tea/sliding down the banisters at the theatre, having lunch out or visiting the London Transport Museum. Am slightly concerned though that apparently in their car, if people don’t drive like they should, they fly their car into the air and shoot the bad drivers down…”

” The cheetahs have invited 4 groups of 12 dinosaurs to stay. They’ll all be sleeping in G’s bed but only roar little roars. Except at 7am when they need to wake everyone up. They’re friends with the banana people too so may visit them under the house.”  I was obviously thrilled.

And finally, on August 23rd, Cheetahs In My Shoes was born.  You can read the rest of what the Cheetahs have been up to on here.  And for those of you that have, I thank you greatly!

So I will now fast-forward *weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* to now.  New Years Eve.  The end of 2011.  The Cheetahs have been really busy over the Christmas period – very active and pretty much essential to every day existence.  I think we sometimes forget that Christmas, although a period of great excitement for children, can be a bit overwhelming – for the Cheetah Keeper the changes in routine, the arrival of a whole load of new things in our house and the requirement to eat in different places and do different things was pretty stressful.

So the Cheetahs have been everywhere with us, got up to a whole load of mischief, played on their space-hoppers, had 10 new babies on Christmas Day, received a scalectrix, had a curry on Christmas Eve and generally been there to keep the Cheetah Keeper in a place where he can cope with what’s going on.

And what for 2012?  Another stay in GOSH for the Cheetah Keeper at the end of January and then we’ll see what happens.  I’m not making resolutions, I don’t want to set myself up to fail.  We shall see where life, the Cheetahs, the world and everything takes us – and blog about it on the way.

Much love to you all

The Cheetah Keeper’s Mummy xx

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

7 thoughts on “2011 according to the Cheetahs

  1. Sounds like a busy family year. I am with you on the no resolutions! Happy New Year

  2. I love your blog, Jenny. Best wishes for the New Year to all of you and all the visiting critters 🙂 xx

  3. Those cakes are amazing! I just can’t get past the cakes! Now I’m REALLY hungry. And also adding “learn to bake” to my ever expanding 2012 New Years resolution list. I hope you have a great year ahead!

  4. 2011 was quite a year. The year you became a blogger! No looking back now Jenny! xxx

  5. Nice to hear more about the cheetah keeper – and to see all those flippin cakes!

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