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Cheese & Marmite Muffins


Due to the fact that we were really really busy at work this week, we (in the name of a little light relief) set about the challenge of what couldn’t be turned into a cupcake or muffin.  The first point of this debate is of course the savoury option which then led to a challenge to create one.  So now, I bring you, Cheese & Marmite muffin – best eaten on the day (although will keep in a tin) – good eaten dunked in soup or split and filled with cheese & pickle, weirdly egg mayo or whatever your chosen marmite food partner is…

First of all find yourself a fairy helper

And some ingredients.  You’ll need

300g Plain Flour
1 egg
2 level teaspoons of baking powder
50g butter
150g strong cheddar cheese, grated
1 tablespoon of Marmite
250ml milk

Get your fairy helper to line a muffin tin (this needs to be a deep one, not a bun tin) with paper cases – silicon would be just as good and pre-heat your oven to 200C, Gas 4 or 180C (fan)

Then get her grating the cheese whilst you put the flour and the baking powder into a big bowl.  If you’re feeling very enthusiastic you could sieve them.  Oh the other hand…. Once cheese is grated add that to the flour mix.

Then, measure out the milk and pour all but about 60mls (ish) of it into a different jug/cup/whatever holds it.  In a microwaveable jug put the milk and the butter (chop it up, it melts faster) and then microwave it until the butter is melted.  If you use your Medium setting it’s less likely to splatter hot butter everywhere – it took about 1min 20 secs.

Give it all a good stir, add in the rest of the milk, then break the egg into the mix and beat that in, then stir in 1 tablespoon of Marmite – stir hard to mix it all in.

Pour the melted butter, milk and marmite mixture into the flour mixture and mix well.  Work quickly otherwise your muffins will end up heavy.

The mixture will end up pretty thick and gloopy.

And possibly require some concentration to mix all the flour in properly.

Using an ice-cream scoop (or a couple of spoons) dollop the mixture into the cake cases.  They need to be about 2/3 full so that they will rise but not explode out the cases onto your tin.  This mix made 12 muffins.

Bake for about 17 minutes until the muffins are springy to the touch and a nice golden brown.  Let them cool for a good 20mins in the tin then finish cooling (if you so wish and have space etc) on a wire rack.  Serve warm (they’ll be quite gooey as the cheese will still be melted) or cold and ENJOY!





Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

3 thoughts on “Cheese & Marmite Muffins

  1. I really must make these – they sound yum!

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