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Playing Giraffes


As the Cheetah Keeper clambered into bed with me this morning (how do small children get so many sharp bits?) he was clearly thinking about ‘stuff’ – not just how many sleeps until Christmas but other things too.

The conversation went

Mummy, can you play giraffes


♂♂ Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa English: Fig...

Image via Wikipedia


Yes, giraffes.  Giraffes is a very hard game

Really?” *quizzical look from me*

*very serious look back*

You can only move the giraffes on the white squares – it’s very tricky

What game was the Cheetah Keeper playing with his grandfather yesterday then?  Comments please!

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

2 thoughts on “Playing Giraffes

  1. Heehee! At least it wasn’t chess, couldn’t handle that first thing in the morning!

    And yes, I’m genuinely quite proud that I understand 4-yr-old logic! 😉

Thank you for your comments! The Cheetahs and I really appreciate them.

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