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After Eight Cupcakes


I have neglected the blog a little this week – mainly flailing my way through work and the end of term whilst setting myself the ‘oh so easy’ task of making boxes of 4 cupcakes for the teachers at school – but a 4 different types of cupcake in each box – all my own creations.  However, I now have ample recipes to share so here’s the first –

After Eight cupcakes

You will need:

A cupcake/muffin tin lined with cupcake cases.  I’d recommend using some heavier duty cases for these cakes as they are very moist.

150g of After Eight mints.  They come in boxes of 300g (currently 1/3 off in most supermarkets!)
150g of butter
150g dark muscavado sugar
2 eggs
50g Self Raising flour
For the icing – 75g cocoa powder, 275g icing sugar and 175g very soft butter.  Peppermint extract if you have it.

This is a very similar technique to my oreo brownie cupcakes so here goes:

Pre-heat your oven to 180C, Gas 4, Fan 160.

In a microwaveable bowl, melt together the butter (cut it into lumps first, it melts faster) and the After Eights.  Do this in the microwave on Medium (not High the After Eights will scorch) in 30 second bursts giving it a bit of stir each time to combine it all together.

Let it cool a little then add the eggs – beat them into the mix with a fork.  Then add the muscavado sugar.  This can be a bit lumpy so mix this in with the fork as well to keep it smooth.  Finally mix in the flour – go gently just to make sure it’s all mixed together.  You’ll end up with a shiny gloopy mixture.

This mix will make 10 generous cupcakes or 12 smaller ones so share out the mixture accordingly.   I’d recommend using an ice-cream scoop for this as it makes it so much easier to manage.

Cooking time is going to vary depending whether you’re making 10 big ones or 12 smaller ones.  I found that the big ones took a good half an hour to cook – I checked them after 15 minutes or so (turned the tin around in the oven to make sure they cooked evenly) and kept an eye on them – you need to end up with a slightly cracked top which is firm to the touch.  If it’s too soft your delicious cake will remain delicious but sink in the middle!

Allow to cool before icing.

To make the icing, beat the cocoa, icing sugar and butter together (use your trusty hand mixer) – add a couple of drops of peppermint extract if a)you have any and b)you want to.  To bind it all together, add a tablespoon of boiling water to the mix at a time until you’ve got a smooth buttercream.  The boiling water gives the icing a really shiny finish.

Pipe/dollop/spread your icing as you like and decorate if you wish.  These cakes are really rich but if you want to cut some After Eight’s in half and put them on the top you could make them even more decadent!

I’m told these are far better with a coffee (rather than tea) or perhaps something after dinner drinksy…

Author: Jenny

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13 thoughts on “After Eight Cupcakes

  1. Ooh yum, they sound delish, will have to have a go at making them! Although I don’t ‘do’ coffee so I’ll have to make do with tea with it, lol 🙂

  2. Oh they look yum! Will have to have a go at these, especially as DH loves After Eights.

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  4. Right after seeing 3 recipes and liking the sound of all three I am going to quit just now, however I shall be back to try some out, possibly mince meat cupcakes first since it is Christmas and then the after eights are a close second as I absolutely love after eights 🙂 What a great idea for giving cupcakes as teacher presents, I am storing it for future reference.

    • thank you! Sainsburys have cupcake boxes on special offer at the moment and the final presentation kind of does the trick for teachers (and when the boxes are 6 for £1 it’s a cheap win!!!) I’m going to post up some really easy chocolate cinnamon ones to make with children – and have a look at the oreo ones too!

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