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The Cheetahs, their glow-in-the-dark trainers and some new accommodation

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It has been noted that news of the Cheetahs has been lacking over the last week or so.  I apologise.  We’ve been busy – and so have the Cheetahs – but in ways so very bizarre that a post about each and every antic would have just got even more ridiculous.  So, I shall summarise:

The Cheetahs have been out and about and very busy.  They’ve been into school, they’re had sofa days and have been keeping an eye on the baby Banana People.  With so many more of them they can share the jobs out better – there are still some involved in law enforcement, some have been out in the mud and lots have been to school.  Some of them also came with us to see my parents.

They’re very well behaved Cheetahs when out visiting (phew) and can generally be relied upon to entertain and not get under anyone’s feet.  When it comes to home time though, they do tend to voice an opinion.  This time they wanted to run home for a bit of exercise – but it was dark.  No problem – look out the window, can you see them (the Cheetah Keeper’s sister is now looking out of the car window down onto the road) – are they on the pavement?  No, they’re running along the white lines – look – they’ve got their glow-in-the-dark trainers on and their hi-vis running tops.  Obviously.

Their Keeper has clearly been listening to the ‘be safe be seen’ lectures I’ve been dishing out to the Rainbows and has therefore ensured his little friends are equipped with all the necessary running gear.  I’m still not entirely sure where the funds are coming from for all this kit – hopefully the daddy Cheetahs out earning a living are contributing.  He has educated all those who run in essential road safety (although why do they run on white lines though and not the pavement?) and they are very conscientious about stopping at traffic lights and making sure they avoid buses.

They’re also rather fond of spotting the Christmas lights in town and think nothing of sitting in a traffic jam for 20 minutes to look at them – as opposed to going home around the ring-road and being home in half the time.  They’re not overly worried about decorations going up at home yet (good) as they’re still trying to sort out sleeping accommodation for all 191 Cheetahs (they all want a share of the duvet) whilst not waking up the baby Banana People.

They’ve also taken a liking to my boot trees.  Now I don’t know whether this is a family name for them but this is what I mean:

But these are not just for keeping my boots in shape.  No, these are for the Cheetahs to play with… they are Cheetah Pogo Sticks!  I have no idea how the Cheetah Keeper knows about pogo sticks, but clearly he does and has worked out exactly how the Cheetahs can get on and off and that raiding my wardrobe for them is an extremely good idea.

For our normal trips to trampolining/gymnastics the Cheetahs have been using their surf cars (not sure where the new ones have come from but they definitely need more than 1) – those that you drive whilst standing up.  I think it also gives them a chance to stretch their legs and have a quick run and then jump back on board if they get tired.  The Dinos, Dino Brothers and Banana People have been travelling recently on their flying skateboards – the baby Banana People seem to have thrived and are now big enough to travel out and about.  Good for them.

This week has seen the delivery from the wonderful Kodak UK of the printer I won from their Big App Twitter Party with BritMums.  An awesome printer coming in an even more (well to the Cheetah Keeper) awesome box. 

And what does a large cardboard box make (answers on a postcard…) – an excellent Cheetah house.  Clearly however, plain cardboard is boring and so it needed a bit of decoration. First of all, get your sister to paint the Cheetahs a surf board.  Note the beach on the other end, sea around the edges and green grass on the far side.  Windows have already been cut out (yes, it was me with the Stanley knife, not them).

Add some window frame decorations and some other wall art.  Note this is a long term piece of accommodation and therefore it shall not be decorated in a festive manner. Add some footprints.  Let Mummy question why she didn’t supervise the painting on the feet ready for printing.  Realise that she’s not actually that bothered so get on with it whilst lying flat in the paint drips already on the floor covering (old tablecloth) and getting paint in hair.Wash paint off hands, cover your sister in bubbles – realise that fleece and t-shirts weren’t covered by aprons around the back.  Yes , that is a line of green paint.Return to box to decorate with as much glue and glitter as you possibly can.  Ensure that some glitter isn’t stuck on properly and therefore travels rapidly around the house.  Note the Cheetahs running around the bottom of the box checking out their new accommodation.  Leave to dry.Get you sister to come and test drive it before realising the Cheetahs are biting your toes as they want it to themselves.  Stuff favourite blanket inside to stop them getting cold and abandon in middle of room.

Mess is good.

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