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The Gallery, My Awesome Photo


I’ve been meaning to post some pictures up and the opportunity to join in with the Gallery this week seems too good to miss. I fell in love with my camera again during NaBloPoMo – instead of being tucked away safely it’s now living on the worktop ready to take pictures of the children, food, crafting or just whatever’s going on outside.

My absolute favourite photo at the moment is this one:

We were at Whipsnade Zoo (again) and the Cheetah Keeper and his sister were leaning over a wall together – for the first time she could read the sign to him.  The sun was beginning to fall out the sky and the leaves were beautifully crisp.  The wellies are new (bargain!) and we were spending  the afternoon walking around hand in hand – it’s a photo that reminds me of a wonderful afternoon.

I do have a sneaky 2nd one for you to consider as well.  I would imagine it wins no technical marks whatsoever but I still think it’s a cool picture (well I would, I took it??).

and so the Cheetah Keeper doesn’t feel left out

what do you think?

Author: Jenny

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4 thoughts on “The Gallery, My Awesome Photo

  1. wow the wellies are amazing that is deffinately a awsoe photo!

  2. Great shots! Love the welly picture!

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