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Tingle Bells


Today has been an Inset Day at school and, by virtue of having the best boss in the world, ever, I’ve got to spend it at home with the children.  We’ve had an easy day – no flogging ourselves to meet deadlines, achieve tasks or otherwise and they’ve appreciated every second of it.  So after a fab morning crafting with friends (using the fimo from our review) we embarked on a trip to Hobbycraft to replenish our supplies.  I’m usually an ardent boycotter of Hobbycraft and much prefer to buy from family businesses, but when you decide on a Friday afternoon that a weekend of craft is in order, sometimes you have to swallow your pride, pay over the odds and get on with it!

Anyway, we’re driving back in the dark from Watford (don’t I know how to live?) spotting for Christmas lights and a little voice starts singing in the back of the car.  The Cheetah Keeper does love a good sing (and for his age is remarkably tuneful – must be due to the incredibly talented parent!) and bang in tune, and on repeat, came the following seasonal offering…

Tingle bells, tingle bells, tingle all the way

Yester, yester, yester, yester, yester, yesterdayyyyyy

Tingle bells, tingle bells, tingle all the way

Yester, yester, yester, yester, yester, yesterdayy. Hey!

(C) The Cheetah Keeper 2011

It may be cute today, I’m not sure how long I can tolerate it for…

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

5 thoughts on “Tingle Bells

  1. I’m waiting for “Sleeeep in heavenly peas” to resurrect itself this Xmas! Makes my little girl laugh every time.

  2. Very cute!

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