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Thank Goodness It’s Over. Was I mad? YES!


It’s the 30th of November.  As Mammasaurus would say (and maybe she is) HONK HONK!  It is time for the fireworks exploding as we go down the stairs, it’s time to crack open something fizzy and it’s time to, well, errr, get my life back.


Image by underdutchskies via Flickr

NaBloPoMo set us the challenge of doing a post a day for the month of November and it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Wooed by the prospect of more readers for my blog, a target and the opportunity to learn a bit more about the blogging world, I glibly said “I’m in”.

Perhaps I should learn to think before I type.  Please, if you see my typing “I’m in” in a reply section below a challenge reply with “are you sure?”.  I should have stuck to what I was doing – a post as and when I was ready to post.

Admittedly, I’ve learnt a whole load about blogging.  I’ve vlogged (did you not know I keep a screwdriver in my handbag?), I’ve reviewed Fimo and we’ve been to the football.  I may well have done these had I not been doing the challenge but it certainly pushed me into trying.  I’ve discovered the art of the Listography, been tagged in some memes, posted some recipes, fallen back in love with my camera and met via both comments and Twitter, some lovely lovely people.  So for that – woohoo to NaBloPoMo.

On the downside, I have been tied to my laptop, anti-social and the blog is no longer the Cheetah’s.  It’s ours.  I’m not sure that that’s a good thing.  It’s certainly not what I intended it to be 3 months ago.

It’s made me question all sorts of things – the importance of your blog being read (and therefore should you write it in a way that makes it more readable?), how I come across in the blog (mad, clearly) – I’ve entered into the blogger/blagger debate but I still don’t why on earth I’ve been staying up watching I’m A Celebrity!

And now we’re at the end and what do I have to show for it?  30 posts, some lovely comments (thank you all x) and well, not a lot else really.  As the cleaning fairies haven’t upped their game as I’ve been glued to the laptop I need to catch up on that job and I might get to sit and watch crap tv of an evening with my husband.  I’m going to read the foodie magazines that are sitting unopened next to my bed, write the Christmas cards (yes, with a pen) and I’m going to get on with getting ready for Christmas.  I’m the pianist for 2 lots of school nativity plays and will off with the school choir to sing carols at an old people’s home, I’m training other volunteers how to run Brownie meetings and I’m planning my Christmas baking (the After Eights and Malteasers are in the cupboard ready to be incorporated into cupcakes!).

As for the blog, the plan is to return it a little more to the Cheetahs (did you know that Cheetah’s like coleslaw?) and mix in a few photos and the odd recipe.  That, after all, is much more true to me and I think, on reflection after 30 days posting, that’s what blogging is all about.

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

13 thoughts on “Thank Goodness It’s Over. Was I mad? YES!

  1. I think it’s taught us all a few valuable lessons (can’t believe you mentioned the screwdriver rather than the salad servers there though. That’s WAY more weird! ;).

    Blogging every day is time consuming. When you aren’t writing you are looking for things to write about and, depending on your circumstances, that’s not always a bad thing.

    It’s made me take more notice of what’s going on around me that’s for sure.

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog (yes you are slightly mad:) and I’ll carry on reading it.

    • Thanks Sarah – I think I mentioned the screwdriver because it’s still in there – whereas the salad servers are now out on the worktop waiting to be returned home (when I’ve worked out where that is!). In terms of noticing what’s going on around me, I have really really enjoyed looking at what mother nature has delivered for us this autumn, be it fungi, autumn berries, crisp frosts or just the view out the office window. That, I hope is healthy – and hopefully stops us becoming too introspective when we are spending more time with the laptop than the outside world. The Cheetahs seem to have acquired some snow chutes over night – I feel another post coming on before too long x

  2. Congratualtions on making it to the 30th day!!!! You should feel very proud of your accomplishment!

  3. well done you. I seems as if you’ve been on a real journey and I’m glad it’s not just the cheetahs anymore – you put a lot of work in you deserve a space for you X

    • Gosh Gemma – now that’s made me think – maybe I will put a few more ‘me’ posts in. It’s a daunting prospect (the Cheetahs are quite ‘safe’ to hide behind) so we’ll give it time and see what comes out of my fingers onto a post!

  4. Well done you – cheers! *raises a glass* I too am relieved it’s over and hope to get some of my life back but I have enjoyed finding out what I like writing about and most of all finding and reading lots of great new blogs – including the cheetahs! I don’t know how you keep up with them!!

  5. Well done on keeping up with those 30 posts. I have really enjoyed the experience and I enjoyed reading others people posts whenever I had chance read some. my fav of yours was the one you did yesterday about the condition (sorry I can’t spell it) of you and the Cheetah and I enjoyed the Oreo cupcake one (mmm!))

    • Thanks Jenny – the post yesterday was the one I was most unsure of in the whole month – and yet has had more visits and comments than anything I’ve ever written! There will be more from the Cheetahs soon I think and I’m working on recipes for After Eight cupcakes and malteaser ones… Thank you again xx

  6. Well done Jenny *pats on the back…. and big hug*. I’ve really enjoyed discovering your blog and will pop back again as you add to it. 😉 Fiona

    • Thank you so much – it’s been a bit of an ‘experience… in so many ways 😉 I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written and thank you for the moral support! I’m training other people how to be Brownie Leaders tomorrow night so won’t be on Twitter – but will no doubt catch up soon x

  7. Pheeeeew! I feel exhausted for you! I have wondered how people can blog about family life when they’re spending all day writing about it and no time living it!

    I always thought that you’d be a shoe-in for the recipe blog, it’s your natural turf and you love it, and very ‘safe’ 🙂

    In fact I do know someone who started doing a recipe blog and it has lead to her building a fabulous company that teaches people to cook and runs children’s parties… not that I’m hinting at a fabulous MONEY MAKING way of enjoying your cooking or anything 🙂

    Well done anyway. Hope to speak to you in the flesh soon x

  8. You’ve come a long way in 30 days! You’ve found your feet and your voice on your blog – in coming out from behind the Cheetah’s you’ve added depth and feeling to an already entertaining site. You’ve done reviews, vlogged! Is there nothing you will not try? Kudos to you Jenny xxx you’re one of those annoying people who are good at everthing 🙂

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