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Cheetahs In MudLand

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I promised you, dear reader, that I would write about the exploits of the Cheetahs and their discovery of MudLand (or should that be Mudland, or Mud Land?) so, better late than never, here goes.

The Cheetahs, as you may or may not know, had been considering hibernation last weekend – which was generally an indicator that their Keeper was a pretty happy little soul and managing quite ok, thank you very much.  However, with the imminent appointment at Great Ormond Street becoming more prevalent in our minds, the Cheetahs came back, good and proper.

We’d already established the presence of the large washing machine that cleaned all the Cheetah’s Rainbow pants and whizzed them, dried over into the drawer ready for them to find the next day.  However, I was then instructed that I had to press the big button – you know, the one up there, what this one, yes that one, the big red one – to get it started.  It’s too high up for the Cheetah Keeper to reach (bad planning thinks I) so I am given the responsibility.  But, more to the point, why are we suddenly doing all this extra Cheetah washing?

Because they’ve been to MudLand.  MudLand?  It’s essentially exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a land they go to when they want to go and play in the mud.  I didn’t realise Cheetahs liked wet, muddy puddles but clearly they do.

To get to MudLand they firstly have to get the train (this is the train known locally as the “Abbey Flyer” that runs past the end of our road).  They get to the train station with their Buzz Lightyear wings/scooters/bikes/whatever new transport device they’ve got and the train takes them to the airport (it is the Abbey Flyer – of course it goes to the airport).  At the airport they board their plane to MudLand.  At this point it was still the smaller Banana Plane that accommodated small numbers of Cheetahs, but as we discovered yesterday, this plane has now been upgraded to a much larger version.

When in MudLand the little Cheetahs seem to be able to do whatever they’d like – mainly make mud balls (as opposed to snow balls) and throw them at each other.  They can jump in muddy puddles, cover their spots with mud and generally have a jolly good time.  I think they have extra plastic covers on the seats on the aeroplane so it doesn’t get too muddy when they come home – as I am assured they only go in the bath when they get back here.  (maybe that explains the gunk in the bottom of the bath…)  Once they’re in the bath, they all get clean, their pants go in the washing machine and then they can all snuggle under the radiator (in their Keeper’s slippers) to get warm and dry.

The advantage of MudLand over Running Land seems to be that it is essentially a fun place to be.  Despite the fact that the Cheetahs love the sunshine and open spaces of Running Land, they do have to train whilst they’re there.

The Cheetah Keeper continues to take their training very seriously and has asked Father Christmas if the Cheetahs can all have little starting blocks for their races as their Christmas present.  So, with one block for each paw (I’m told that is very important) and 191 Cheetahs, that’s 764 blocks that the big FC needs to prepare – not taking into account the baby Cheetahs that are due around Christmas.  I hope the elves understand the technical specifications – the start is so important in a Cheetah race!

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