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We’re on our way to GOSH


Today, the Cheetah Keeper and I are off to see the Ear, Nose & Throat consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  The plan is to go through the pre-op planning for him to have another operation on his nose to try and reduce the number of nosebleeds he has.

If he stops bleeding, it’ll mean that he won’t swallow as much blood – that means he should reflux less.  If his reflux reduces, hopefully he’ll eat more – and a more varied diet.  This should mean we can get his iron levels up and then he’ll be less tired – which in turn should mean that we can increase his muscle strength and improve his stamina.

The Cheetah Keeper does not want to go.  The Cheetahs are back in our lives big styleee – and whilst they’re providing me with ample blogging material but I don’t really want to write about his amusing anecdotes as they are the product of him being terrified.  Once we’ve had the appointment I will tell you more about MudLand.

I can’t promise him there won’t be another blood test and I suspect we may be going through that ordeal again.  It’s not as if it will be the last time either – this is going to be part of our lives – forever.  Platelet function doesn’t change – if it’s faulty, it’s faulty – that’s it.

To make the day even harder, it’s the final day of the ‘Celebrations’ topic in his class at school.  Their class cuddly Leo the Lion is having a birthday party – they’ve made invitations, learned about printing repeated patterns to make wrapping paper, counted stuff, made party hats and they’re making cakes – ready for the party in the afternoon.

He’s gutted – and to try and appease the situation I have spent the week making a ‘plan’.  We’ll have dropped his sister off at school, left via the office so he doesn’t have to see his classmates and the things planned in their classroom.  Jump in the car and drive into London – park up at the Zoo, grab a cab (hopefully the Cheetahs will enjoy this bit) and go to the appointment.  Repeat process in reverse (ideally at speed of sound – although legally on the motorway, of course) to get him back to school ready for the fun of the afternoon.  I’ve got them to hold a school lunch for him and his teaching assistants will have got cakes saved for him to decorate.

It’s the bit in the middle I’m dreading – the ‘operation’ word, the phone call for the date, the talk through admission procedures and the reminder that he has to have the procedure under another general anaesthetic because the risk of him bleeding out is too high.  We’ll talk about whether he’ll need another platelet transfusion and how long we’ll have to stay in for.  It’s the same conversation that I had in August 2010 – I didn’t want to have it again.  But I will.  And then we’ll make another plan.

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8 thoughts on “We’re on our way to GOSH

  1. Sending you lots of positive thoughts that things go well AND that you make it back in time for him to enjoy the fun this afternoon! x

    • Thank you x The positive: The Cheetah Keeper made it back in time for his saved lunch and the afternoon of fun. The tough bit: he’ll be having another operation (in about 6-8 weeks time), possibly requiring a platelet transfusion first. They’ll take out the rest of his adenoids (they took some out last October) and re-cauterise his nose. I suspect we’ll be going back onto a ward full of bad memories and traumatic experiences – so, although it’s good that he’ll hopefully improve a bit, at the moment, I feel sick at the prospect. x

  2. Poor little Cheetah Keeper, hope he is ok. It all sounds quite scary and you are all so brave. Let’s hope the operation will mean an improvement for him. It sounds like these nosebleeds have a lot to answer for x

  3. will have everythign crossed for you, really hope it goes well

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