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The Cheetah’s Christmas Underpants


The Cheetahs have their underpants
You’ve read that all before
But with 9 big groups of Cheetahs
They’ve got to need a drawer

You’d never have suspected
That some white Ikea plastic
Would become so important
For storing pants elastic

The pants are all still rainbow ones
With multi-coloured stripes
But their names are printed on each pair
To make sure there’s no gripes.

When the little cheetahs play outside
They now get very muddy
So they’ve got a great big washer
To stop them being grubby
The washer’s down beneath the bed
But it doesn’t work at night
Cos when it whizzes dry pants out
They don’t all want a fright

The pants fly across the bedroom
And zoom into the drawer
Because the thing you really don’t need
Is pants upon the floor

The pants all land in one big pile
Look, can’t you see them there?
All mixed up all together
Big piles of underwear

Now that Christmas is approaching
Mummy Cheetahs have been shopping
To get some Christmas pants bought
To go in little Cheetah stockings

These pants are red and shiny
But may cause some a fright
They haven’t got their names on
Just ‘Christmas’ in sparkly lights!
Actually, all the Cheetah families
Will have these pants this year
It’s very important for Cheetahs
To indulge in Christmas cheer!
Once again with many thanks to Claire Freedman et al- the Dinosaurs and Aliens rock and the Cheetah Keeper loves them, very, very much.  He also wants the Cheetah’s to be very prepared for Christmas, hence his grand plans…

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

8 thoughts on “The Cheetah’s Christmas Underpants

  1. Awww 🙂 Lovely post! Christmas pants!!! That’s great 🙂 heehee xx

  2. I love a pants post 😉

  3. We do christmas PJ’s but pants is a cool idea! x

  4. Christmas Pants! Hurrah!

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