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Cupcakes – Crumbly Wumbly style…


Ever fancied learning how to ice cupcakes beautifully and have a bit of festive jolliness in the process?  Read on…

Approximately 31 years ago a group of 24 children started primary school together.  One of those was me (I was shorter then but you’d still recognise me in the picture) – and another of those was Kerri.  At the age of 11 we went to different secondary schools (although she only lived 3 roads over the hill from me) and our ways parted.

Through the wonder that is Facebook we are back in touch – we live a little further apart now (but not much), we both have Reception age boys and, as much as I enjoy whipping up a batch of cakes, she wins Great Taste Gold Awards for her cupcakes and runs her own business – Crumbly Wumbly making cupcakes with love for personal customers, farmers markets, local businesses, oh the people at OK! Magazine and the National Lottery.

This year Kerri’s offering us the opportunity to indulge in a festive evening of cupcake decoration at The Sun Hotel in Hitchen, Hertfordshire on Monday 12th December – starting at 7.30pm.  For just £35 per head,  there’ll be festive drinks, demonstrations, decorating and you’ll get to take home 9 of your own beautifully decorated cakes, as well as your own Crumbly Wumbly apron.

Having been on another cupcake decorating course (via groupon), this evening is amazingly good value for money (you’ll be looking at £60+ elsewhere as far as I can tell) and a box of 9 cupcakes is going to keep you (and yours) happily full for a while – but you may need to hide them somewhere!

Today, Kerri came round with 8 cupcakes for me to try.

We have

Caramel     Apple Strudel


Chocolate   Choc Mint


Vanilla                         Caramel


Banoffee                     Peanut Butter


We gave the choc mint one to a very, very discerning tester…

who deemed them


(and considering he reckons he doesn’t like mint)

“very, very yummy”

His sister called her half (and the vanilla one) “amazing”.

So far, I’m considering a bulk order of the banoffee ones to be delivered to my desk about every 2 hours and the Cheetah Keeper’s dad demolished the Apple Strudel one (and he doesn’t do sweet things).

So – if you fancy an evening learning how to create masterpieces like these mixed with some festive fun (how about it for the work Christmas do or a girlie evening out?), give Kerri a call (details here) to book.


I’m writing this because Kerri’s my friend and I think what she does is pretty amazing.  Running your own business, baking from home and juggling the whirl that being a wife and mother brings inspires me.  I’m not being paid to write, I’ve just had 8 cupcakes to enjoy – and I’d love to see the evening be a success.


Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

4 thoughts on “Cupcakes – Crumbly Wumbly style…

  1. Thankfully I don’t live nearby otherwise my waistline would be taking the first hit of the Christmas Season – they look fantastic…. have fun on the night… how could you not!

  2. Exceedingly yum – I’d love to if only I lived a little nearer … sigh

  3. What a fab idea and gorgeous product and marketing. I went to a creativity event in Nottingham (see I am too far or I would come and bake) and it was sponsored by a cool cupcake baker, I had no idea how amazing cupcakes could be. They’ve upped the stakes since I was a kid! Ok magazine? Wow!

  4. Mmmm i like the sound of this evening!! If i lived nearby i would pop along for sure! :0

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