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We’re just having a ‘relaxing’ weekend


The Cheetahs decided that the best place for them for the weekend was in the wardrobe, with the Dinos & Banana People, under the snuggly red blanket, asleep.  Apparently Nina on Nina & the Neurons says that you need lots of sleep to have energy for the next day – the Cheetahs are taking this seriously and were therefore going to sleep from Friday night until Monday.  I think the Cheetah Keeper’s father would have been more than happy to join them.

We officially had no commitments – I had to collect the medicine and buy some milk and take the children to trampolining this morning but other than that, we had the weekend to ourselves.  For a ‘rest’.  Here’s a few pictures from our ‘relaxing’ weekend:

Having taken the Cheetah Keeper’s sister into town on the bus (oh the excitement) and still reeling from the cost of said trip I made Butternut Squash soup from scratch.  The conversation went:

“What’s for lunch?”.  “Soup”.  “oooo, out of a packet?”.  “No, I’m making it”.  “Oh”.  Walks off.

We then went off, booked the extended family pre-Christmas lunch out and went to visit the in-laws for the afternoon.  The Cheetah Keeper’s sister also made me a penguin.

“Can we have chilli for tea?”.  Oh ok then.  This is usually one of the most successful ways for getting red meat, beans & veg into the (slightly anaemic) Cheetah Keeper.  Denied.  Refluxed onto the floor.  Joy.

Online Christmas shopping and a tired, emotional and late contribution to NaBloPoMo Day 19.

The Cheetahs then decided that they needed to come to trampolining and, as they can see through fog, were quite useful.  ****Rant Alert****  When it is foggy and you are driving, PLEASE, in the name of anyone significant to you, switch your headlights on.  I cannot see as well as the Cheetahs.  Thank you ******Rant Over****  

A jolly good time was had by all (the Cheetah Keeper is finally getting how fun a bouncy castle is) and the Cheetahs really enjoyed running around, and around, and around… before coming home and going back to bed – the exertion may mean that they can’t go to school before Wednesday

By the time we got home the sun came out and boy, had the spiders in our garden been busy:

The rest of the day has been about ’embracing the mess’.  In some form of caffeine deficient state I agreed to getting the glitter out.  And then the paint.  Despite hoovering and mopping the house is still covered in a fine layer of sparkle – as is the bottom of the bath where I think I managed to get it all off the children…


All this and before lunch too (why did I feel the need to do a roast?).


The afternoon was slightly more restrained and by 4.30 it was time to throw them in the bath (to de-glitter & paint) with the promise of watching Justin’s House.

Now Mr Fletcher – you do have the ability to have my children throwing themselves around the sitting room like giggling lunatics and I’m becoming more and more aware that they would quite like to invite you, and Little Monster round for tea (although I’m not quite sure what the Cheetahs would think).  The negotiating power that comes with the promise of watching you leap around of a Saturday/Sunday afternoon is one that we are truly thankful for.

So, after our ‘relaxing weekend’, excellent behaviour and all good things that come with it – Justin’s House was duly turned on.  I am not apparently allowed to watch with them because I, to quote the Cheetah Keeper’s sister, am “not qualified” (only Daddy is).  So I took a couple of photos of them.

I’m not sure our ‘relaxing’ weekend was quite a restful as we thought – they were asleep by 6.10pm.

Author: Jenny

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5 thoughts on “We’re just having a ‘relaxing’ weekend

  1. LOVE those spiderwebs!!!
    So now your house is sparkly in a rather different way from how it was on Friday! Sounds like a fun (if slightly whirlwind) weekend xxx

  2. Looks like you had a good weekend, although, that really does not constitute a ‘relaxing’ weekend in our house, that would be a busy weekend. Doesnt sound like you stopped all weekend! Have a good week x

  3. It may not have been a restful weekend but it looks like it was a LOT of fun! Had to chuckle at the fact needing lots of sleep only applied to the cheetahs and not the cheetah’s keeper! Oh, and the soup conversation aswell!!

    • The Cheetah Keeper likes his sleep anyway – he manages 12-13 hours a night – it’s hard work looking after that many Cheetahs whilst pretending to be a rocket/dragon slayer/knight/builder….

Thank you for your comments! The Cheetahs and I really appreciate them.

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