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Being Grateful: my take on the Britmums blogprompt


Britmums asked us a couple of things this week – first what’s in your handbag?  Having answered that and now being somewhat scared finding myself face to face with, errr, me, on the home page I’m going to set about answering the second question of the week:

What are you grateful for?

The answer today is this:

For the first time in 15 months and after countless phone calls, many, many tears, several mad dashes up to Great Ormond Street and days of heart wrenching desperation, frustration and plain anger we have been prescribed, by our own GP and dispensed, at our local pharmacy, the correct medicine for the Cheetah Keeper.

When thinking it about the whole process doesn’t make me feel even more sick and doesn’t make me cry – I will write more about this.  In the meantime, I am very, very grateful to my wonderful GP who sat with me for half an hour on Wednesday and understood the destruction that the inability of the NHS to communicate with each other has done to me.  He listened.  He could see the ludicrous situation that we were in – and he did his best to help.  He managed to get the pharmacy to source the drug (it’s made to order), we ascertained it does not cost £307 pounds per bottle – it costs £30.07 per bottle and that he will do his utmost to make sure that we can get the magic stuff on repeat prescription.

For his humanity, compassion and understanding, I am…

really, really thankful – and am now crying.

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

9 thoughts on “Being Grateful: my take on the Britmums blogprompt

  1. Its nice to know that there are some compassionate GP’s out there 🙂

    I am glad for you, too x

  2. It sometimes feels like there aren’t many people who are interested or even want to go above and beyond for us. Bravo to your GP and I hope they continue to be a source of action and support for you all.

    • I literally went in and said “I need your help” – and he did. He reminded me that what our family goes through is not ‘normal’ and that asking for help is completely acceptable. It’s been such a fight to get these meds and to hopefully have his long term support will be a real step forward x

  3. awww bless you and great big (hug) coming your way. it must be a huge relief to at last have one less thing to have to worry about. your GP sounds wonderful and despite our GP’s being so busy at the moment it is lovely to know that some still take the time to sit down and listen and do the right thing.
    great news xx

  4. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that over time, and as the battles mount up, you just get hardened to it. I currently have at least 4 such idiotic, beaurocratic wastes of my time sitting in my inbox waiting for me to be finished with the current ones that are going on (lost, inadequate wheelchair that we’ve been waiting 2 years for, unwritten discharge summary from 8 months ago, housing adaptations still going nowhere, trying to get GP to understand that if they don’t supply D’s feed he can’t just get a sandwich, he’ll end up in hospital etc etc lol). So glad you’ve got a great GP, hopefully this is the last you’ll worry about it. Once it’s on repeat prescription it’ll be a lot easier x

    • somewhat ironic that we share at GP Practice! Oddly though, with change in my meds and having 4 bottles of the stuff stashed in the cupboard, I no longer feel (as much of) the need to peg my washing out with matching pegs… Here’s to the pharmacy dispensing them same stuff next time xxx

  5. I am so, so pleased for you that you have managed to make this progress and can imagine the improvement it will make to you and the Cheetah keeper!

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