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Police Cheetahs do Children In Need


I feel that I have neglected the Cheetahs a little this week.  It’s not that they’ve disappeared completely, it’s just that, well, they haven’t really been doing anything really blog worthy.

They’re taking their roles as Police Cheetahs very seriously – they’ve got their Police cars, relatively set roles (ie catching the burgulurgarers) and spend the rest of the time asleep.  The Banana People and Dinos have mainly been sleeping and their Keeper has managed to go a whole week without a nosebleed and got through a playdate without going into self-destruct mode.

It was with great delight he brought home a cardboard box on Tuesday.  Beautifully painted – as was his school jumper – “look mummy, I’ve painted my jumper lots of colours”.  That was completely true.  Lots of colours.  Thankfully the washing machine is currently behaving itself.  Oh, and whatever you do, don’t press THAT button.  Yes, THAT button – the one only he and the Cheetahs can see – you know, the one in that corner.  If you do press THAT button you may be zapped or put in jail, or shot, or killed.  How I dislike the Cheetah Keeper’s current obsession with killing things.  I’m assured it’s a boy thing and completely normal but I still don’t like it.

Marmite jars

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So after some very serious discussions regarding the presence of ‘peppermints’ in Marmite (that’ll be vitamins then – and yes, he’s random too but that might just be being 4 – what’s my excuse?) the Cheetah Keeper told his father in no uncertain that this box must not be thrown away.  Why not?  Because it’s the Cheetah Police Station and, whilst his sister is at Rainbows, Mummy & I are going to paint it.

And you know what?  We did.

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This Police Station is where the Cheetahs wait for the Police Alarm to go ‘on’ – ie start nee-naw’ing.  That’s when they need to go off and sort out the burgulurgarers and other baddies.  Whilst they’re waiting they have ‘jobs’ to stop them getting bored.  Jobs that their Keeper sets for them – including cleaning and tidying up.

At the moment they have to boing/jump in – although I am apparently tasked with making a door and windows (that means me and a stanley knife, there could be blood) and I suspect we may be making some comfy areas for them too – being comfy is very important for Cheetahs.

The Cheetah Keeper informed me (as he splodged paint all over the box, floor, his face, the wall and all other items within a 3metre radius) that it was the bestest afternoon ever.  Sometimes braving the paint is a good idea – he had a fantastic time and him doing the washing up (the paint tray, brushes and anything else he could find – I had to hide the washing up liquid) was apparently ‘good plannering’.

Non-uniform day for Children In Need brings the requirement to wear stripes or spots to school.  Suddenly the Cheetahs, Dinos and Banana People are seriously excited – like boinging up and down excited, suddenly wide awake and scampering everywhere – look, over there – now just don’t tread on them – yes, there…

The Cheetahs clearly don’t have to make much of an effort and will just be wearing their normal spots (unless they’ve still got paint on which is an extremely high possibility).  Banana People do get spots on their yellow skins (brown ones, duh – what did you think they’d have?) and the Dinos – well they’re a bit spotty too.  I’d always thought they were a cuddly bunch with a fondness for all things cuddly aside from the crocodile wellies – but clearly not.  I must pay slightly more attention.

Their Keeper on the other hand will mainly be wearing stripes.  His sister wants to wear spots and stripes together – I guess you can get away with that look when you’re 6.  I’m slightly scared about how much shorter her spotty summer dress has become in the last 2 months – she just grows, and grows and grows…

I’m delighted that they want to support Children In Need to help make the lives of other children better – and I hope that someone manages to sort Pudsey’s eye out soon – it’s been under those bandages for a very long time.

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2 thoughts on “Police Cheetahs do Children In Need

  1. That painting looks like fun – it really is worth all the mess for the enjoyment they get out of it 🙂

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