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What does the Cheetah Keeper’s Mum keep in her handbag(s)..?


This is my day 16 (although I recorded on day 15 – it takes ages to upload videos when you’ve never used YouTube before) post for the NaBloPoMo with BritMums.  Clearly it is sending me slightly madder than I was already, but I promise you these are genuinely in my handbag.  Honestly.

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

14 thoughts on “What does the Cheetah Keeper’s Mum keep in her handbag(s)..?

  1. Great first vlog! Love some of the randomness like the spoons, tools etc. Hope you find out what that memory card is for x

  2. gosh, I thought my bag contents were random… Love the salad servers idea – I mean, you never know when they might come in. I normally have some sugar, salt and pepper sachets, although after a while the paper tube disintegrates to scatter contents in said handbag… You never know when you might be round at a friend’s house where they have NO sugar…

  3. I love your all prepared bag, everything you need for anything that happens!!! Brilliant 🙂

  4. Blimey you are one crazy lady! What on earth do you need to spoons for – herding the cheetas? With you on the syringes – you can never get enough! Why do they ration them for god’s sake?
    Congrats on the vlog

    • crazy lady – yes. Nutter has also been used. Spoons (I think) belong to my sister but ended up with me – hence are in bag, but yes, they would be good for the Cheetahs to slide along (when they’re not too busy boinging or being Police Cheetahs). Managed to get 5 more syringes out the Dr today but am looking to buy direct so we can get the right ones (and school ‘lose’ so many!). Glad you enjoyed it – even if you do all think I’m bonkers 😉

  5. Ha ha, hillarious – does your handbag have wheels? It would need to to cart all that stuff around!

  6. How big ARE your handbags?

  7. I particularly liked the chineapple punks – where can I get those? I congratulate you on your bravery and superior technical prowess xxx

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