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Listography – 5 Random Things I Like


As the Cheetahs continue their career in the Police Force and NaBloPoMo continues (we’re on day 15, half way, woo hoo!), I’ve decided to take up the baton of Kate Takes 5 and her Listography challenge for the week.  “5 Random Things I Like” – hmmm, it’s taken quite a lot of thought but here goes…

The fact that ‘hardest’ (well they’d like to think they are) Yr 6 kids at school think I’m cool “cos you’re well good at piano miss”


White van men swearing at me when I’m driving our 1955 Triumph TR2 sports car.  Their jealousy amuses me greatly


Pruning roses.  Taking on the thorny branches with a good pair of secateurs knowing that the harsher you are the better the results next year


Toasted cheese & tuna mayo sandwiches (yes all in one) dunked in tomato soup which ideally has grated cheese melting on the top.  I’m assuming this is not the norm?


Living with a bunch of imaginary Cheetahs, Dinos and Banana People.  That’s definitely random…isn’t it???



Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

10 thoughts on “Listography – 5 Random Things I Like

  1. Ha ha, number 4 is truly disgusting!!! 🙂

    And in answer to your question – OF COURSE WE CAN DO IT 😉

  2. Love points 2 and 4 !!!!!

  3. I’m with Sarah on this one… no. 4 sounds vom inducing! Did you come up with that in pregnancy? (Took your advice by the way – I’m on board… NaBloPoMo all the way!)

    • Number 4 stems from school – there was an ‘old canteen’ (that served ‘proper’ school dinners) and a ‘new’ canteen which essentially served chips and pizza. The music rooms were above the new canteen and being the dedicated music student I was, we’d often rehearse all lunch time – just dashing down to the new canteen for lunch. The most edible things were the toasties (I also admit to liking tuna & cheese toastie with baked beans) and soup – hence the combination – with cheese on top to make the packet soup taste of something. It’s still seriously good comfort food – with apologies to my arteries…

  4. I love number one, that is a huge compliment

  5. Perhaps I’m random too, because I also love number 4. Mmm…might have to have that for tea 😀

  6. Pruning roses – very satisfying! Not so sure about No 4 though!

  7. A perfect list! Love them all. It’s a credit to you that you still understand the term ‘random’ having lived with Cheetahs and Banana people for so long…!

Thank you for your comments! The Cheetahs and I really appreciate them.

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