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All seeing Cheetahs


We’ve always known that the Cheetahs had pretty extraordinary powers of vision, especially when it comes to driving in fog.  It seems that these skills are more extensive that previously thought as I was informed this morning that the Cheetahs can see up and over buildings, though stuff and all the way up to planets in space.  They also have special see in the dark eyes that glow (so important now it’s dark before bedtime) and, as I promised you I’d find out, they can’t fly helicopters.  Oh, and Cheetah Policemen eat Cheetah cereal.

So, working on the thought of ‘all-seeing’ I thought I’d give you an insight into our weekend and what the Cheetahs have been seeing at home…

Orchids.  I love orchids and have far too many of them – the golden rule being that I never, ever pay full price for them.  I love the way that nature manages to programme in the stripes, the graduated colour changes and the beautiful contrasts & curves.  I also love the fact that they seem (in my house) to thrive on abject neglect and are happiest when I’m drying washing in the conservatory where they live and I’ve forgotten to water them.  Admittedly my mother is a bit of an orchid whiz and if all else fails they can go off to orchid hospital for a bit.   So, imagine my delight in Sainsburys where the orchids, in nice pots are already on offer reduced from £14 to £7 and then reduced to £3.99!  So I bought 3 (in colours I don’t have already) – total spend £11.97.  Full price they would be £42.  Sorted 🙂

This is the healthiest our washing machine has looked all weekend.  Note there are numbers on the little screen, not an E.  This has been a focal point of our weekend – as has the large amount of water over the floor.  I’m 25p richer and we suspect that the Cheetah Keeper may have something to do with the problem.  Oh, and the toaster blew up yesterday too.

Face Painting.

I’m not talented in the artistic stakes.  I am musical and crafty but I cannot paint/draw or even copy the most basic of image.  However, I can, to some degree (and enough to keep the children happy) face paint.

Well, I can do a butterfly, a tiger, a ladybird and a cheetah.  Oh and flowers down the side of the face.  Not a lot else – and to be honest, they’re pretty basic but I had a very, very happy cheetah and butterfly yesterday – even if the Cheetah Keeper still looks a bit jaundiced today.

Nature Spotting.

The Green Balloon Club on CBeebies has a lot to answer for.  The last one we watched suggested that you go spotting for Fungi and both the Cheetah Keeper and his sister have tried very hard.  The examples I’ve found have been dismissed as too small so imagine their delight when we found these in our own garden!

After the drizzly greyness that has been the last week in so many ways, it was really nice to come home after trampolining to be able to look up through the trees to the blue sky.  Obviously we had to get past the washing machine flood first, but our lovely tree in the garden is hanging onto the fact that it’s still a bit warm and staying green for a little longer.  The change from autumnal hues to stark bare branches has seemed very apparent this week so I took a picture of colour.


This once was a raised bed where we lovingly tended assorted veggies.  This year it’s been transformed into a building site.  The Cheetahs play here sometimes (depends on the weather, availability of wellies etc) and their Keeper has been constructing a ‘worm house’ for the last 10 months.  At least we got outside today.

I was bought this mug for my birthday as a joke.  Our life does seem to have a lot of dramas (mostly thanks to dodgy genes and the NHS) and that in turn necessitates the consumption of a lot of tea.  Earl Grey tea, Twinings.  With the washing machine/toaster/DH’s car now leaking oil much tea has been consumed.

It’s November.  The sky is this colour and I don’t need a coat to go outside and take the picture.  Shame the Red Kite wasn’t posing for photos today – one day I will snap the beauty.

It also meant we finally ended up with a basket of dry washing!  You will notice that our family mainly wears blue during the week.  Except me.  Which is why all my coloured washing ends up in the basket for ages whilst I do blue wash, after blue wash, after blue wash…

And finally…  I made a promise that my dear colleague would have Oreo cupcakes for her birthday.  So I made them and tomorrow we will gorge ourselves in the office on serious quantities of sugar, butter, oreo, chocolate, sugar and more butter.  I haven’t quite worked out how to make oreo icing without it going a funny shade of brown, however, the yumminess that is oreo icing more than makes up for it!  I will admit now that the Cheetah Keeper stuck his fingers into two of the cakes so I couldn’t take them into work (little wotsit) but that may be better for us in the long term – I think the sugar rush may have been a bit dangerous…

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2 thoughts on “All seeing Cheetahs

  1. oh my gosh you have been so busy!
    cup cakes look fab and glad the washing machine is getting better

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