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Law Enforcing Cheetahs


After a couple of days bowling, the Cheetahs seem to have spent a lot of yesterday bouncing around.  Having once again embarrassingly stolen the show at Rainbows ‘news’ time yesterday with stories of their Buzz Lightyear wings and bouncing off the ceiling, it transpired yesterday evening that some of the Daddy Cheetahs have entered into the world of employment.  Of course.

I’m not sure what the Cheetah Keeper’s current obsession with the Police force has been inspired by – I’m well aware that he is spending much of his time in the playground embarking on the 4 year old version of good vs evil be it in the form of goodies & baddies, police and burgulurgarers, knights and dragons or whatever else they can think of.  It may also be due to the fact that some ‘bad people’ broke into his grandparents house and took things that weren’t theirs.  Anyway, he is a big fan of the Police at the moment and therefore the Cheetahs shall be as well.

You can see where this is going can’t you?  The Cheetah Daddies have become policemen.  They get to drive around on their Keeper’s little police cars – and if you didn’t know already, Cheetah police cars can drive on the line markings on roads – it’s their special place.  Their Keeper’s toy garage has been transformed into a Police station – the ramps between levels are for whizzing up and down on, the lift means you can get up to the Heli-pad (I’m assuming the Cheetahs can fly a helicopter – will get clarification on that one for you) and, having been busy with the building bricks again, there’s a protective wall which means that robbers can’t get in and once the Police have caught them and taken them inside they can’t get out again.  They also have all their own walkie talkies and their Keeper has the central control one (it’s a stone with numbers written on in permanent pen) – keep up Mummy.

keeping an eye on things

The Cheetah Police can stop at their Police station for meals whilst they’re working.  I was informed last night that I could only know tomorrow (ie today now) what Cheetah Policemen ate.  So I checked this morning.  They eat Cheetah Police food – duh.  I’ve asked what that is but I’m told (with a sparkle and a very cheeky grin) that I’m not allowed to know that until tomorrow now.  This could run and run (pun intended).

So the little Cheetahs have gone back to school today – with much excitement at the prospect of another school dinner (long may it last…) – their Keeper is seriously up for playing with them all day and has his cosiest coat on just in case they need a quick snuggle.  The Banana People seem to be keen on the idea of a career in policing as well and the Dinos ..?  Well Strike, being the main Dino brother and general ideas specialist seems to be keen on the idea of being a Police Dino as well but I’m not sure the other 47 Dino Brothers or the other 48 Dinos are quite as enthusiastic – especially if the canteen only sells Cheetah Police food and not Dino supplies.  Once we know what that is, maybe they can make a decision.

This is my 11th post for NaBloPoMo in the UK (click on the badge on the side bar to find out more).  For some reason I thought it would be fun to try and write a post every day for the month of November – hence you’re getting more Cheetah snippets than big long stories.  It’s an interesting challenge (because I clearly have nothing else to do) – more sporadic (but possibly longer) stories will reappear in December.



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6 thoughts on “Law Enforcing Cheetahs

  1. Law abiding cheetahs – like it!!!!!!!!

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  3. Ha ha, very funny! Mine love school dinners too! Its great isn’t it?

    Thanks for linking to Friday Funny! xx

  4. I have become addicted to the adventures of the cheetahs! I wonder where they will go next??

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