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The Cheetahs are getting ready for the winter


After their great day bowling yesterday, the Cheetah grandparents very kindly took the little Cheetahs, Dinos, Dino Brothers and Banana People back to the bowling alley again today.

The Cheetahs seem a little reluctant to go back to school as they are finding it a bit scary in the playground and don’t want to get squashed.  I guess that’s fair enough – especially as their keeper is now allowed out to play in the ‘big playground’ at lunchtime and seems very busy being a knight/builder/armyman/postman with his new found gaggle of friends.

So – after another busy day, robot dancing, practising forward rolls learnt in gym (“are you enjoying gym G”? asks my mum, “yes, it’s brilliant” he replies – how happy am I?!) and eating the most massive dinner we spotted a lady on the way home wearing an animal print coat.  Leopard/Cheetah?  In the dark, it was apparently most definitely cheetah – which led us on to the conversation about whether the Cheeetahs have coats ready for winter – which they most definitely do.

I can't find a pic with bobbles on the ears...

It had previously been announced that the Cheetahs had extra layers of fur that they wear in the winter (to a maximum of 4 layers) and that when it’s hot they only weartheir spots.  As the temperature has begun to drop, it has become apparent that his Cheetahs have extra cheetah coats – which are orange and black spotted.  They also have cheetah hats – again orange and black spotted but with bobbles on each ear (how cute must that look?)  Their scarves aren’t spotty – they just have pictures of cheetahs running on them.  How very cosy.

I think a Dino coat might look like this

I’m not allowed to know what sort of coats the Banana People have and had to wait until we got home until I was allowed to ‘see’ what sort of coats the Dinos have.  Small, very cute (empty) hand presented up to me to see and touch the coats.  I admit, I had to ask him how he would describe the coats – the answer being that they’re all soft and squidgy like sleeping bags, and green.  They have green hats and scarves as well – they’ll look good with the crocodile wellies.

I’m not sure where the Cheetah keeper gets the funds to purchase said outerwear, or indeed where the Granny & Grandpa Cheetahs get the money to afford 2 solid days of bowling and eating out at MacDonalds – hmmm, better go and check the change tin again.

Author: Jenny

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2 thoughts on “The Cheetahs are getting ready for the winter

  1. I just love this! Honestly you are such a great mum to enter into this wonderful world of cheetah’s :))

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it! The Cheetahs get us through the day – if he still has them in a couple of years time I may get worried, but until then (and providing they behave themselves) they can stay as long as they like x

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