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The Cheetahs bunk off school


I’m not entirely sure what the legal requirements are for 4 year old Cheetahs attending school (any ideas?) but it appears that today they (and the Banana People, and the Dinos and the Dino Brothers) were invited out bowling by the Cheetah grandparents – so they gave school a miss today.  In that they seem to spend most of their time at school running around the field or on the racing track that’s in the playground I’m not sure that they’d have missed out on that much educational content so I’m not going to make too much of an issue of it…

The Dino Brothers are all called “Strike” – all 48 of them.  If the Cheetahs or the other Dinos call “Strike” they all go at once.  I think they need to refine that system.  We’ll work on that concept – but who am I to question what the Dino mummies in Spain called their boys?

So they all whizzed up to the bowling in Hemel Hempstead using their Buzz Lightyear wings – they got there early (well it’s a breakfast club day in this house, they’d have had to leave for school at 07:50) so they went to MacDonalds for breakfast.  They all had muffins, pancakes and coffee.  Lots of coffee – it improves the bowling apparently.

Because they’d got there early, it was very quiet at the bowling place.  They all picked up their bowling shoes (the Cheetahs have one for each paw – just in case you were wondering) – they have velcro ones as they’re easier to do up and they shared out the lanes between them.  The bowling lady put their names up on the computer screens – that’s a bit of a tricky job with paws.

They got to share all the bowling balls out between them, and, because they’re very talented Cheetahs, Banana People and Dinos (even though they’re small enough to live in shoes) they don’t have to use the ramp – they just bowl with their paws.  The power that those little paws must have…

They went for lunch at MacDonalds (those Granny & Grandpa Cheetahs are clearly feeling generous) and had fish finger & chips happy meals with the caramel milkshakes.  The Cheetah Keeper has only ever had a caramel milkshake once but is still hoping for the day it returns to the world of the golden arches.  I do feel the need to add that MacDonalds is a big treat in our house – the Cheetah Keeper (and his sister) would like it to be a far more frequent event, hence the hints!

They bowled all afternoon and then went back to MacDonalds for tea.  Fish finger and chips happy meal again (let’s hope there was a variety of toys available) but this time with chocolate milkshakes because they’d drunk the entire supply of caramel at lunchtime .  They flew back just in time to meet us getting back from gym.  They’re snuggled up back in their jellybean sleeping bag – it’s hard work being a Cheetah.

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

3 thoughts on “The Cheetahs bunk off school

  1. Good for you! Hope you had a great day, we used to live in Aylesbury and if we were still there we could have met up – I would live to meet the cheetahs!

    • The joys of sunny Hemel. It was just the Cheetahs there yesterday (although they’ve apparently gone today as well) – the rest of us were doing boring things like working and going to school…

  2. Nothing wrong with a cheeky bunk off once in a while – wish I could manage it – I’d spend the day in bed with a man 10 years my junior and a bottle of gin! But bowling comes a close second 😉

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