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Happy Birthday (again) Banana People


For those of you just becoming accustomed to the life of the Cheetahs, you may not have come across the Banana People.  As part of the imaginary menagerie (possibly inspired by the Bananas in Pyjamas) they started off life living under our house and eating tomatoes out the greenhouse but moved in with us as Autumn approached.

They seem to have birthdays far more frequently than would generally be expected (then again, who knows how quickly a Banana year goes? – if you do, let me know) and I tend to get very little notice of the big event.

So yesterday was the Banana People’s birthday – we now have 4 Banana People and they all celebrate on the same day.  The Cheetah Keeper has arranged for more doors into the house to be installed as their present – including one directly into his bed under his duvet.  In that we seem to be having some issues with the ‘sock fairy’ (where on earth is she putting the school socks?) maybe the prospect of sleeping under the duvet is better than sleeping in the ever decreasing number of socks.  I did get to stroke a Banana Person today as I needed to know just how soft and snuggly they are – they fit nicely into the palm of a 4 year old hand.

As their party, they spent the day jumping up and down from the ceiling to the floor – just for fun.  We know from experience that if they eat real bananas they can zoom right up to the sky so I’m not sure what they’d had for breakfast…

The Cheetahs didn’t seem to want to join in the birthday celebrations – they were far too busy getting ready to go to school on their flying saucer.  Today was the first day that their keeper had partaken of a school dinner so they obviously couldn’t travel by lunch box.  Duh.

They spend the rest of the day at school sleeping in the quiet area – preparing themselves for the Sparkly Disco after school.  I’m quite glad that they spent the day asleep as their keeper had enjoyed a very busy day painting.  He painted his face, his hands, the front of his polo shirt, the back of his polo shirt (how????), his shoes and had also managed to cover his trousers, coat and shoes in a very healthy layer of mud.  Is it possible to pressure wash a child?  We opted for the ‘in the door in the bath approach’ with as little contact with anything else as possible.


Image via Wikipedia

It transpired that the Cheetahs were well up for a boogie at their Sparkly Disco (I think they got a bit worried about being trodden on at school) but they were going to Cheetah fireworks first.  Cheetah fireworks are much much quieter than big people fireworks (ok – so their keeper is a bit worried about the noise, much reassurance needed) but when the first bang has gone off it makes lots and lots of little bangs and sparkles after that.  Never ending fireworks – how very cool and what excellent value for money.  Good thinking Cheetahs.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (again) Banana People

  1. Love this post (and I can confirm, it IS possible to pressure wash children 😉

  2. Ha! It must be a riot living in your house! Check out the other Wot So Funee entries here:

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