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The Cheetahs and the Chocolate Finger Sparklers


First of all, we found Olivia!  She was stuffed down the back of the bed (possibly in a bid to keep her a bit longer – urgh) but with hoodie on and smile in place she has gone off to another home with a delighted Rainbow and a mother feigning enthusiasm.

The Cheetahs did have their race as predicted – but it wasn’t a running race (so why exactly do they need all that training in Running Land? – I reckon it’s the sunshine they like) they went in their racing cars.  All of them – all 9 family groups in individual cars.  It took up the whole width of the pavement and how there wasn’t an accident as they negotiated the children walking to school I shall never know.

Their keeper is still not feeling that great (having woken up in a puddle of blood yesterday morning – it just keeps pouring out his nose) but with a bit of encouragement to oversee the Cheetah race made it into school in a really good frame of mind and was “Star of the Day” for being so smiley.   Good work Cheetah Keeper.

We managed to achieve the Thursday turnaround to get out in time for Rainbows – although it took an almighty amount of encouragement to get out the door.  The Cheetahs seem to be liking coming to Rainbows (unfortunately their keeper seems to think he’s the Rainbow leader which causes a few problems) and were seriously excited about the prospect of making chocolate finger sparklers.

For those of you yet to experience the delights of the relatively safe chocolate finger sparkler (I guess it depends how many you eat as to whether you’ll explode) this is a fantastically easy make for little people.  You need as many boxes of chocolate fingers as you think you will consume (we had 4 boxes which was enough for 18 children to have 4 each), assorted coloured sprinkles and a mug of hot water.

OK – I’ve mentioned the ‘hot’ word.  I am trusting that common sense will be applied here – it needs to be on the hot side of warm but not scalding and you need about 4cm in the bottom of a mug so the chances of it overflowing are pretty minimal.  But hey good mummies (and daddies) be safe out there.  Please.

All you do is dip the end of the chocolate finger into the hot water and then dip the slightly melted wet end into the sprinkles.  Either eat immediately – or let it set. There you have it – a chocolate finger sparkler!

Admittedly it’s probably cheaper to go to your nearest retailer and buy a packet of sparklers on offer (I was appalled at how much chocolate fingers are but they are on special in Sainsburys this week) but you don’t need to worry about gloves, buckets of water and all good stuff like that.  I’d post you a photo but they didn’t last that long.

Apparently the Cheetahs came to Rainbows on their new flying saucer (where did that one come from???) and spent some of the evening flying around the church hall in it.  The Rainbows do look somewhat bemused when the Cheetahs are mentioned – mind you, I think most of the time their keeper bemuses them – especially if they haven’t got a little brother, but they just giggle and get on with it.  The Cheetahs came home in the empty sprinkle jar (they liked the choice of holes to climb through) so I’m going to have to empty them out before I throw it away.

I think they might be up for a bit of firework spotting over the weekend – they’re very much looking forward to the school sparkly party tonight – that’ll be an interesting one, making sure no one stands on their paws…

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Author: Jenny

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6 thoughts on “The Cheetahs and the Chocolate Finger Sparklers

  1. Love the idea of finger sparklers – I’m going to give them a go!

    Glad you found Olivia 😉

  2. oh finger sparkler sound like the future – loving that

  3. Yummy!!!!!! Those sound deliciuos and safer than the real thing. No burnt fingers!

  4. I am loving the finger sparkler idea too! x

    • they are so easy and very yummy too! wouldn’t recommend using chocolate sprinkles though (they melt and don’t stick as well) – sugar sprinkles/glitter sugar etc are much more effective 🙂

  5. Love the choc finger sparklers – for my lo’s last b’day I put sparklers on the cake and then pulled one off with my fingers – flippin dangerous things if you’re flippin stoopid!

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