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Olivia is Missing


Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy… where’s Olivia?

Whilst most of this blog tends to be taken up with the exploits of the Cheetahs, I mustn’t forget their keeper’s big sister, who, aged 6 AND A HALF (please, don’t forget the half) seems to have lost the ability to look for and find absolutely anything.  She looks for stuff like men look for things – ie looks in a room – it’s not here, moves on – it’s definitely vanished.  Invariably, the item being searched for is just under her nose or exactly where it should be – but where is Olivia?

Olivia is the demonic Rainbow doll.  She goes home with a different girl from Rainbows each week and gets to enjoy whatever activities that family embarks on.  The girls are desperate to take Olivia home and look forward to reporting their ‘news’ at the next meeting.  I think she’s here to make the parents of her host family frazzled.  You can’t leave Olivia anywhere, you can’t let the dog eat her (oh I dream…) and you’re supposed to do something ‘interesting’ with her – “Olivia watched TV with me all week” does not constitute ‘good’ news in the eyes of a 6 year old.  Personally, I’d leave her in a plastic bag somewhere safe.


Girlguiding UK

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At this point, I must declare that I am one of the Rainbow leaders.  I’ve been part of GirlGuiding UK (as it’s currently called) from the age of 7 when I donned the Brownie dress and bobble hat.  I’ve gone through the ranks, qualified as both Guide and Brownie leaders, been an “Assistant Division Commissioner” and, with my involvement in St Albans Scout & Guide Gang Show and running units, seen well over 1000 girls through ‘the system’.


At the age of 32 I finally hung up my uniform (in a bid to recover my failing mental health) but in order for Alice to enjoy the wonders that Rainbows brings they need leaders and I’m back.  Not a ‘full-time’ every meeting leader, but part of a fantastic team that brings a multitude of skills/interests to the girls.

But with it brings Olivia.  The cuddly, evil looking, Rainbow dolly.

We do expect that Olivia behaves herself when visiting families – if she doesn’t, she’s not allowed out the next week (and has to stay in the cupboard on her own thinking about her behaviour).  Usually she’s very good – she’s only stayed in the cupboard for one week – I think she learnt her lesson.

So, apart from the very scary eyes, what else is it that makes her so, well, horrid?  Firstly, Olivia has highlighted hair.  (ok, it’s different coloured wool to make it look ‘natural’ but it looks more like she’s been in the foils for a while).   5-7 year old girls do not have highlights or that much natural variation in their hair colour – and I’m not entirely sure that a dolly associated with Rainbows should have either.  (maybe I’m just getting old and boring?) Our Olivia’s highlighted hair is of varying length due to (allegedly) some possibly over enthusiastic little brothers with scissors (that’s what the girls reckon anyway) and the cute little flower has long gone.

Our Olivia doesn’t look quite as healthy as the picture would have you believe – she’s been through the washing machines of St Albans many times and although most of whatever ‘it’ was has come out, she still has a few interesting marks.  The hoodie doesn’t look quite as fluffy and cute as it does in the picture – mainly because Alice insists on trying to tie it around Olivia’s waist and it hasn’t really held it’s shape.  For our own assortment of cuddlies in a similar state, I would say that they look ‘loved’ – I can’t bring myself to give that title to Olivia, she looks, well, a bit washed out.

So where is Olivia? (I admit there is an air of desperation beginning to rise here).  She’s only just been found after disappearing for most of half term – having turned the house upside down, she was stashed in the boot of the toy pedal car.  I suspect she’s somewhere very safe in Alice’s room.  I have until 4.30pm to find her so that she can go and look in a very scary way at some other mummy for next week… wish me luck.

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10 thoughts on “Olivia is Missing

  1. Ha ha that made me laugh!! I am rubbush for losing things as is my OH we can never find things we misplace! Soooo frustrating at least your daughter has the excuse if being a child
    Well done in day 3 xx

  2. Ha ha, briliant!

    I am yet to experience the delights of children bringing things home to ‘look after’. It sounds fun 😉

  3. Ha, good luck with finding ‘Olivia’, I hope you do. My daughter also looks for things in this way, must be a 5/6 yr old thing!

  4. Hope you find her 🙂

  5. oh, full of empathy from this house…. we took “Barney” the bear on holiday once – it was the most stressful holiday ever! How are you supposed to go camping and keep track of a stuffed bear AND make sure he doesn’t end up in the sea/mud/eaten by a cow etc.

    My 6yo does man looking for things but actually hubby is better than me.

  6. I remember having to bring Flat Stanley on trips with us. He helped us with the shopping and posed for photos on the apples!

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