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The Cheetahs have a spring in their step

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The Cheetah’s keeper is very tired at the moment – probably due to yet another gushing nosebleed at 01:35 yesterday morning.   He got through yesterday in Cheetah Land, slept for 13 hours and emerged very bleary eyed at 7.30 this morning leaving us a mere 20 minutes to get out the house!

As we got into breakfast club and discussed the fact that the Cheerios on offer didn’t have the cheetah pictures on them like the Tesco ones do, out of the blue came “my Cheetahs are having a race tomorrow”.  Now Cheetah races are nothing unusual (they need to show the results of their trips to Running Land) but why tomorrow?  So I asked what they are doing today.

Today, the Cheetahs were having a sack race…in very small sacks.  Of course.  Bye Mummy.

I collected a very frazzled keeper from school this afternoon – he wants to bring his firework picture home.  Today.  Personally I’d rather he didn’t because if the amount of glitter he was wearing is anything to go by, this is one seriously sparkly picture which will drop hoover evading bits for some time.

So, employing the age old mummy trick of a bit of distraction, I asked how the Cheetahs had got on in their sack race.

It seems that the race had ended in a bit of a disaster and no-one had won.  Why not?  Well, they’d all set off (in their very little sacks) and jumped along but when they’d got to the finish line, they’d all bounced over the rope instead of going through it – and that means no one is allowed to win.

So how did the Cheetahs jump so high?  They’ve got the springs for their feet back!

I transpires that there was ‘a bit of a problem’ with the old springs (that had taken them home from the zoo on more than one occasion) and they’d had to get some new ones.  The problem apparently, is that they had decided they didn’t like the grey/silver colour springs.  What colour springs do they have now then?

Rainbow ones – with different colours on each curly bit as it goes down.  They fit onto their paws with special circles and then they’re ready to boing.  These are seriously boingy springs – although the little Cheetahs can’t boing as high as the big Cheetahs can.

The springs mean that they can bounce from the top of our stairs right down to the bottom (far easier than negotiating all 14 steps) and, for the bigger Cheetahs, they can bounce right to the top of our house.  They can get right to the top of the roof – and then can slide down the roof and boing down to the ground.  When they get bored (or cold, or tired), they do one last boing to the roof and then come down the chimney back into the sitting room.  We have a net in the bottom of of our chimney to try and stop the baby magpies (not the brightest in the nest this year) ending up flying around our house.  The Cheetahs don’t get caught in the net and the springs fit through the holes – that’s good.

Inside, the Cheetahs can also boing up to the cupboard doors in the kitchen to open them for me.  That’s very thoughtful of them don’t you think?  I somewhat suspect they’ve got their eye on the stuff that is usually kept very high up to avoid small people investigating it.  Time to Cheetah proof the house then.

So it’s race day tomorrow.  Let’s hope they all play nicely and don’t use their Buzz Lightyear wings to cheat – the weather’s not looking good so maybe it’ll be a muddy puddle race.  I’ll look forward to bathing them tomorrow night…


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