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Trickle Treat

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The Cheetahs have been seriously busy this weekend – to the extent that at some points I have become completely lost in their activities and have absolutely no idea how their keeper kept up the steady commentary of Cheetah activities for the best part of 12 hours yesterday.

Photograph of the ruins at Sopwell House (2006).

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Having not been interested in their football for a couple of weeks, the Cheetahs donned their Buzz Lightyear wings again (and there was I thinking those had been forgotten) and zoomed down to Sopwell Priory for a quick Sunday morning match.  Thankfully we didn’t have to stop to pick them up as we drove past in the car this time.   I’m not sure whether they’d resorted to football as we’d told their keeper that they could not have any more money out the change pot for their fares to Running Land.  (cue strop)

Their keeper had not taken to the clocks changing particularly well has proceeded to spend his time either in complete hyper Cheetah mode or in a raging state of not knowing what to do with himself.  This in turn results in not eating, refluxing, more strops, refluxing – we’ve been here before.  I stooped to having him on my knee to feed him in sheer desperation to improve his mood – which kind of worked – ish.

We went back to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo for good leaf kicking afternoon and to check up on our usual friends.  The Whipsnade cheetahs were out and about (eyeing up the deer on the other side of the fence – they live in hope) and now have a football to play with.  Apparently G’s Cheetahs had delivered the ball to them so they can all play together – our Cheetahs nipping up in one of their now many vehicles for a quick match.  Now it’s all well and good when we’re having this conversation, but for those good folk standing next to us, well, they were all a bit bemused.  I find myself explaining about the Cheetahs and the shoes to those around us and subsequently getting a fair few ‘looks’ – but it does tend to get us a bit more elbow room.

The Cheetahs had travelled up to the zoo in their C-Max (of course) – as we know, the little airline trays on the backs of the seats for the little Cheetahs in the back are actually computers.  This weekend I now discover that to get into the computers you first have to do some ‘Skyping’ – this “logs you in” (jeez, kids of the 21st Century) and then you (or the Cheetahs) can play the motorbike racing game.  There are 4 riders in each race – 1 girl racer and 3 boys.  The girl racer goes too fast into the first corner and comes off every time and then one of the boys wins.  Hmmm, so there’s a bit of gender equality going on because the girl’s allowed to race – is it just a natural thing that the boys are better riders?

As usual, I digress.  The next stories of the Cheetahs were so full on that I ended up laughing too much to be able to recall them for you.  The line “Mummy, you’re a genius” was the breaking point – you have to concentrate very hard when you’re driving and laughing, a lot.

The Cheetahs joined us for a pizza picnic tea whilst watching CBeebies Justin’s House (can children sing that song at anything less than full volume?) followed by Space Pirates.  Giles is quite liking the idea of being “Captain G J”, especially if that means leaping around in his pyjamas singing the “Space Pirates” song.  One minute he’s a snuggled heap of barely awake cuddliness, the next he’s leaping around singing “na na na na na, Space Pirates” – how do they do that?

This morning started with our ‘trickle treat’ – water dripping from the loo upstairs down into the kitchen.  This is the point where you’re grateful (?) that the Cheetahs and their keeper have been up singing ‘the albabet song’ since 6.10am as I found the slow dripping puddle whilst we still had time to do something about it.

In all the kerfuffle the Cheetahs, Dinos and Banana People had all dashed downstairs (from the wardrobe where they’re now sleeping) and jumped into their keeper’s school shoes.  I was given the job of emptying them out of one shoe (“just make sure you tap it to make sure none are hiding”) whilst he dealt with the others.  They didn’t want to come to school today as their keeper has bought them a new toy.  He got it for them from Argos (online???) and it’s a spinny round one.  It’s not just for the baby Cheetahs though, the 4 year old Cheetahs and the Mummy & Daddy Cheetahs can go on it too.  Of course.

We’re not doing Halloween in our house – the kids don’t like it and I’m not going to try and convince them otherwise.  They’re practising watching for fireworks (is that mean?) and were really hoping no one rang our doorbell as they don’t want to be woken up.  G could barely stand by 6pm, A wasn’t much better – so with beloved cuddlies tucked firmly under their arms they were asleep by 6.15pm.  Living with Cheetahs can be really hard work, let alone the whole school thing.

So that’s half term over and done with.  Are we rested?  Hmmm, not sure.  Have we had a good time?  Yes, I think so.  Let’s see what November brings.

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